Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hypnotising db

When you entrust your mind to a loving Goddess the world regains it's balance.

What is a Hypnodomme?

A Dominant Woman who uses hypnosis and mind control to get what She wants from a submissive.

For, sometime db and myself had discussed the possibility of me hypnotising him. We did some research online and decided to give it a try. I could quite envision myself as a Hypnodomme.  db bought me a necklace with an Emerald stone to match my green eyes.

db knows how much I love to take Alpha Men  (since there was a time long ago when he was one ) not inclined to submissive behaviour and seduce and brainwash them into submission. The hypnosis would be another instrument for that.

The thought of using hypnosis to control more men would make me smile and feel empowered by the thought that men were so easily seduced and enslaved. I love to break strong men. Sometimes it takes longer but I loved eventually bringing them to their knees.

db sat in a chair naked except for his panties of course. I played the hypnosis cd we'd purchased and dangled the necklace in front of his eyes. I spoke the words along with the cd and eventually db drifted into a trance like state. I ordered him to surrender to my voice.  I told him his mind, body and soul belongs to me. db was instructed to grovel at my feet and pray to me as the Goddess I am. After ,he'd complied I awoke him and asked him how he felt.

He said he felt  he'd been taken deeper and deeper and was now captured in a spell by an Enchantress


Monday, March 30, 2015

Urethral Sounding

Urethral sounding and urethral play are also used to refer to this practice in a sexual context.
Urethral play can involve the introduction of either soft or rigid items into  the penis . Objects such as sounds are usually only inserted about halfway into the glans and can usually be easily retrieved. Other toys and items, such as catheters, may be introduced deeper; in some cases even into the bladder. Some items may even be allowed to curl several times or expand within the bladder. This action in the male may be directly or indirectly associated with stimulation of the prostate gland and some types of bladder control.

I had an interesting email regarding this subject today. I have to hold my hand up and say I wasn't sure what they were talking about. I had to in fact goggle it. No,i have never done this to a sub.

I found it very fascinating I'm curious about it now. You can actually buy Urethral Sounds on Amazon. Anybody used these products. Either comment or email as all of you do  :)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dirty Panties

Now, you saw Mr. Wonder featured in an earlier post wearing my panties

Well he got very aroused wearing my panties and got the crotch wet with pre cum
So, I rubbed the pre cum covered crotch over my nipple
Then I made him suck it off my nipples

Friday, March 27, 2015

Photo's and Stories

You may have noticed photo's of men in panties on my blog and also short stories. These are real readers and also real stories. Anyone wishing to have me post their photo's either male or female especially those in panties or any other fetish please submit them to annalouise1966@gmail.com.  Also, if you wish to share a story with me if its suitable blog reading then I will post it. Please though do not use real names. Use a made up name or better still a nickname.

If you have any requests for subjects for me to cover in a post they are all gratefully received.

Love getting all your wonderful feedback readers. It's great to read your emails.

Love Anna  x

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Men In Panties

Henry was 50 years old. He'd always had a fetish for wearing ladies panties. He had 2 pairs. A pair of pink silky ones and a black lacy pair. He would wear them under his work suit when he went to work and under his jeans when he had leisure time. Henrys only problem was that his girlfriend didn't know. He was always careful to take them off and hide them when he knew she would be visiting.

This arrangement worked perfectly until Matilda brought up the subject of moving in together.  Henry had a plan to hide the panties in the garage and just wear them when Matilda was out. This worked well until one day Matilda came home early and caught Henry admiring himself in the bedroom mirror wearing them. Henry was very red faced and Matilda at first shocked.

Then Matilda grabbed him roughly by the hair and dragged him to the kitchen. She made Henry stand there whilst she took a wooden spoon out of the drawer.  She pulled out the kitchen chair ,grabbed Henrys hair and pulled him over her knee as she sat down.. She then proceeded to spank Henry with the wooden spoon. Telling him he was a naughty Pantyboy for putting on panties without permission. Henry's bottom was so red and painful. Every spank sent fiery pain throughout his body.

Matilda then ordered Henry to go upstairs strip naked and sit in the corner of the bedroom. Henry sat there a long ,long time not knowing what to expect. Henry heard Matilda go into the bathroom ,then she summoned him. On entering the bathroom he saw something in Matilda's hand. She said Henry your a sissyboy and only real men have pubic hair. So,
she proceeded to shave Henry bald, then commented that now he looked like a slutty sissyboy and that he was hers to use as she pleased. The next morning Matilda told him he had to dress in her used dirty panties. Your just a dirty slut Henry and so you have to wear dirty slutty panties. So, Henry did that day and every other day after.

Mr Wonder wearing my Panties

Phone Advice

A post not related to sex for a change. My cell (mobile ) phone went for a swim in the kitchen sink. Its been in rice and working somewhat okay now. Thankfully I write all my blog posts a few days in advance so it didn't affect them. But, I plan on getting a new phone . I'm sure some of my blog readers are more tech savvy than me. So, what would you recommend an IPhone 6 or Galaxy S6. What are pro, con's etc.. with each one.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pussy Fingering

Earlier today i was emailing with someone(he'll know who he was) and he said he was an expert at fingering pussy among other things.

Now, I am sure many of you young nubile males out there think you are but are you really.

So , here are my views on the subject .Since  I am a female I'll give you my version of a good masturbation by a man.

Now other females may disagree with me , this is just my personal preferences

Start with stimulating the clitty. Now, move the finger up and down. Not side to side or in a circular motion

Make sure the pussy is wet before you start trying to push a finger in(otherwise you'll hurt her and are liable for her to tell you to get off)

Don't try pushing more than one finger in at first. Wait for her to get more aroused then her vagina opens up more and you can use more than one finger.

Now this next one is something men do a lot and I hate. Keep your finger/s in the same position and push them completely in.

Don't decide to change the motion and start moving your finger around(circulating) or changing the way your doing it because that's frustrating. Orgasm is achieved by stimulating the same place and when you change position or movement she can't cum and has to start the build up all over again. Also, as i said push your finger in completely don't just push it a little like up to your first joint. That just makes her sore and makes her want to pee.

Also, after she's cum don't yank your finger out too fast .Do  it slowly since the pussy contracts around the finger and pulling it out fast hurts because your pulling the skin.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Lingerie from Secrets In Lace

One of my favourite lingerie sites is Secrets In Lace. I love their retro style underwear,corsets , baby dolls and of course stockings. These are some photo's of my new leopard print bra of them. Also, of a purple babydoll set I've had some time.
These following Pics are of some of my favourite items from the new collection available now
Love the contrasting blue and red colours on this .Also, a lovely design on the garter belt.
Of course I love leopard print. I think this one looks very Marilyn Monroe with brown colour stockings and corset. Just love it.
This one looks so sweet and innocent. Just like me (smiles sweetly). I love the all white look.
Do you have a favourite?  Blue/Red, Leopard Print, White.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Spanking. Something Mistress Anna does as a means of disciplining her subs ,sissies ,pantyboys. My favourite way is to put them over my knee wearing their sissy panties . Then pull down their panties, squeeze their cocks between my knees then spank them with my wooden hairbrush. I love to hear them squeal and struggle as their bottoms redden .  It truly shows them Mistress Anna is the boss.

Pics by Kami Tora


Pic by Barb

Pic By Underling

Saturday, March 21, 2015

This weeks Masturbation Schedule

For those of you following db's  Masturbation Schedule .
Here is this Weeks

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday-  No Touching

Wednesday, Saturday- You may Masturbate and Climax

Thursday, Friday - You may touch but no climax

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rimming - Ass Licking

I know this is very popular and Mistress Anna enjoys it being done to her.
I was on a website called complex which has some interesting do's and don'ts to make it an enjoyable experience.

1-Do wash the area first
2- Trim the butt hair
3-Don't bite the skin around the butt
4-Don't expel gas from your butt in their face (yuck)

Technically rimming is licking around the anus opening .There are many nerve endings there making it an erogenous zone.  It does not mean sticking your tongue up someone's butt. But, I'm almost sure some of you do

Mistress Anna likes to  sit on her subs, pantyboys  and slaves faces. Her ample butt cheeks surrounding their mouths. Then they are ordered to lick . If I'm feeling merciful I will move so you can get air. But, be quick before I smoother your face again.

Some lovely artwork by Giko


Mistress Anna's Butt for you to lick

Glamour stunning mistresses playing with their silent slave in turn

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mommy Anna's Big Baby Boys

Now i know some you would like to be my big baby boy and have mommy take care of you.
You'd like mommy to bathe you in some warm soapy water washing every little inch of you. Then lying on the bed while mommy rubs lotion on you and powders your cute little bottom. Then mommy will wrap you in your comfort blanket , put your head on her lap and breastfeed you.
After you feed mommy would dress you in special sissy clothes like the ones in the photos.

Well i found a wonderful site with clothes on it called Christine's Sewing Room. She makes custom made Sissy and Adult Baby Clothing. You can either Google to find or email me for link

Monday, March 16, 2015

Glory Hole Games at the Swingers Party

Last night i decided to take Mr B to one of my friends swingers parties.He'd never been to one and was excited to participate.We got there and mingled having drinks and chatting to other couples.We were chatting to this lone woman who was very attractive.Her name was Cheryl.Very petite,long dark hair and small breasts.I could tell Mr B found her attractive so i suggested a little 3 some which they were both keen to do.
We found an empty bedroom and myself and Cheryl got onto the bed.We kissed and carressed and sucked each others breasts while we undressed each other.I knew Mr B would be getting aroused by this.Once we were naked we beckoned him to the bed and together we undressed him.We stroked his chest,bite his nipples,fondled his buttocks but we didn't touch his cock.Which we could see was hard and throbbing.
We rubbed our breasts on his face and made him suck our breasts.Then he fingered Cheryl's pussy while she fingered mine.I came very quickly i was so aroused ,so then i moved over and suckled on her breasts .After,she'd cum we turned our attention to Mr B we stroked and fondled his cock and balls.Then we kissed with his cock in the middle of us.Then we took it in turn to suck him.He was oozing unbelievable amounts of precum which was trailing from my lips to his cock everytime i pulled away.
We stopped before he came and i lay on the bed facing Cheryl.We began to kiss very passionately and our breasts were rubbing against each others.Mr B stood over us and began to masturbate himself,he then sprayed so much cum over our faces and hair it made so much mess.But,then as you know i do like a mess.
We made our exit from the bedroom cum still on my face and stuck in my hair.
I did intend to wash it off in the bathroom but both were occupied so i just left it where it was.I think Mr B thought it was hot me walking around with his cum stuck on my face in full view of everyone.
We got more drinks and wondered around checking out other couples having sex and playing various sex games.
We went out the garage which seemed a busy place to see what was going on.They were playing out a variation of the glory hole.Someone had put up a very large wooden board with 3 holes in it.
The men were on one side poking their cocks through,and the women on the other side were sucking the cocks.The idea really aroused me.To suck cocks of strangers mmmmmm.
I asked Mr B if he wanted to play and he didn't need asking twice.
I went and joined the ladies line up.Every 3 minutes they would change.Three men poked their cocks through, then the next 3 ladies in line would each take a cock and suck it for 3 minutes.Of course if you could get the man to spunk in that time then it was a bonus.We played that for the next hour which was lots of fun and yes i did get one man to spunk in my mouth,and no i have no idea who he was LOL
After that we decided to leave.I could tell Mr B was still aroused by it all.So,i went back to his place and fucked for what seemed like hours before i went home.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


What is a Panty boy. Its a man who likes to wear women's underwear. Mainly panties. Now as you know Anna loves Pantyboys. I just love seeing men in panties they look so hot. Its a real turn on for me. I even like them to fuck me wearing panties. Especially if they are wearing my panties similar to ones I'm wearing above.
Are Pantyboys sissy boys. That one is probably split. Some are sissys yes and other are just masculine men who like to wear them.
What is the attraction. I've heard many responses to this question. Firstly woman wear them. They look pretty. They feel soft and silky against my skin. They squeeze my cock and balls giving me a nice sensation. I want to look like a girl. There are many more I maybe haven't mentioned.

Anna loves to have Pantyboys parade in front of her in their panties . Then stand there while she slides their cocks out of them. Sometimes putting them across my lap and spanking their cute panty clad bottoms. Other times lying them on the floor straddling them and pulling my panties aside so I can  slide their throbbing cocks into me

A cute t-shirt I found on cafepress online

Pantyboy T-Shirt

Saturday, March 14, 2015

This Weeks Masturbation Schedule

For those of you following db's Masturbation schedule

Mon, Wed ,Fri -  You are allowed to masturbate and climax

Sat, Sun - You may may stroke your cock but NO climax

Tues, Thurs - No touching

Thursday, March 12, 2015

How i met db

Many of you have asked how do I meet my subs and in particular how did I meet db. Well most of my subs I have found online on various websites ( Fetlife, Ashley Madison, Craigslist ) or sometimes just by chatting with people online. However, I met db in a slightly different manner.

We actually met in a book store.
 Just by chance one afternoon I was in Mc Nally Robinsons looking at a book it was titled Venus in Furs by Leopold Sacher-Masoch. I noticed db standing there looking at the same book. I enquired if it was any good. He actually blushed . So ,I said I think you'd like to buy me a coffee. There is an adjoining coffee shop. 
 He said he would very much like to buy me a coffee . Whilst drinking our coffee I brought up the book. Which is actually about deviant sex among other things. db seemed very well versed in the books subject matter . After coffee we walked back into the book store and I suggested db should purchase me a copy which he did. I think we both realised without words that this was the beginning of something. I felt right from when our eyes met that db was going to be my sub and now he's my very special sub. I do sometimes train other subs but db knows he always will be mine.


More Retro Porn



Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lets Talk Vibrators

One of my favourite products vibrators and dildos. They add a new dimension to sex play. You can pleasure yourself, pleasure another, even use them as a means of making another your sex slave.Here is a small selection of products you can find online. There's something for everyone.

The snugglepuss g-spot vibe. The website says its small with gentle vibrations. The smaller end is inserted in the vagina and larger end on the clit.SnugglePuss G-Spot Vibe in Pink

The Kong. This one is big. Nine inches with a girth of seven. Not one for the faint hearted.The Kong Realistic Vibrating Dildo

The Fist. For those needing an anal penetration like no other. Or for those ladies that can take a fist up the vagina.

The Fist
The Fist. For those needing an anal penetration like no other. Or for those ladies that can take a fist up the vagina.

The fetish fantasy strap on . This one ive been considering for dbFetish Fantasy Heavy Duty Strap-On

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Some Old Retro Porn for you


Internal Exam with a difference

I went to Doctor Richard for a breast and internal exam

He has me strip naked and fold my clothes neatly onto a chair.He helps me onto the examination bed and places my legs in the stirrups spreading my pussy wide in front of him.I protest a little saying i feel very vulnerable and exposed in that position.He just ignores me and carries on.He first checks out my breasts throughly .Squeezing, sucking, pinching giving them a thorough workout.

Then he places himself between my wide spread legs.I see him get the speculum and rub some ky on it so it can be inserted smoothly.I feel the cold ,hardness of it as he inserts it deep into me.His spare hand holding me even more open.Then he starts to turn the wheel to open it.I feel it forcing my vagina open in front of him.There is nothing i can do to stop him.My legs shake as he opens me wider and wider until it is open by 4 inches.I feel his hand enter me and touch my inner most regions.

Then he moves to my exposed ass and i feel him lube up and insert another speculum into me.I feel like i'm splitting apart as he opens my rectum wide to him.

I feel so vulnerable and at his mercy.I watch as he pulls his hard cock out.It stands pulsing and erect before him.He starts to masturbate it.I gasp unsure what he plans to do.Then he cums his hot creamy semen spurting from his penis into my wide open vagina and rectum.Some of it landing on my thighs and pussy lips.

I lay there unable to move. His eyes looking inside me at his cum.

 I think it is over,but he holds his cock again and starts to pee on me.splashing it into my pussy.Then putting some into a glass and pouring it into my ass.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Mistress Annas Pet

A few years ago I decided to buy db a special Christmas present. I went to the local Wal-Mart Store and purchased a large dog collar, a leather leash and a stainless steel dog dish.  I also ordered a dog tag off a vendor on eBay and had it engraved with the words- Property of Mistress Anna.

I wrapped them up and presented them to him. I think he was a little shocked when he saw them.  He protested about me taking him to a new level of degradation. But ,i  told him Mistress knows best. db was still unhappy and shaking his head when I fastened the collar around his neck. I fastened the leash to the collar and told him to get down on his hands and knees and crawl around like a dog. Reluctantly he did ,but when I put the dogs water dish in front of him he just looked at it. By this time i  was losing patience and pushed his head into the water dish and took the leash and gave him several hard slaps across the buttocks and thighs. Then with teary eyes he  recited Mistress Anna owns me and meekly submitted to drinking his bowl of water.
The image above shows an interesting variation with a cage .It might be something to consider. Also, I did read once about having your pet urinate in a cat litter box.  Maybe also something for future consideration.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

db's Masturbation Schedule

For those of you following db's  Masturbation Schedule .
Here is this Weeks

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday-  No Touching

Wednesday, Saturday- You may Masturbate and Climax

Thursday, Friday - You may touch but no climax

Friday, March 6, 2015

Panty Fetish

Many of you like to eroticize panties. The touch ,feel, smell of them. To look at pictures of them

When Billy was thirteen he one day saw a pair of his mom's dirty panties lying on the floor by the laundry hamper. They were pink silky full fitting with a cotton gusset. Billy picked them up . They felt so soft in his hand. He looked inside and saw three pubic hairs on the gusset. The gusset felt damp in his fingers. He lifted them higher to his face and inhaled them. They had an arousing odour of urine mixed with a musky smell. As he inhaled the aroma deeply he felt his cock arouse and decided to take the panties back to his bedroom. Billy carefully removed the pubic hair with sellotape and stuck them inside a book. Then he wrapped the dirty panties around his cock. The damp gusset touching his sensitive tip. He masturbated wildly until he shot his load into his mom's panties. He returned to the bathroom, rinsed the semen out of them and put them in the laundry hamper.
That night he dreamt about the dirty panties causing an explosion of cum all over his bed. Hence began Billy's obsession with panties. 

These pantie pics are all of me.
To view other pics of various ladies panties.
Check out my fellow bloggers site Go here to Real Panties