Thursday, April 30, 2015

More Intense training

I've been seeing freddy now for 5 weeks. I must admit it has been going amazing. Far beyond my expectations. He was nervous and a little resistant when we began. But, after Saturday's session he's now begging me to do things.
On Saturday I decided to intensify the training. I started by blindfolding and restraining him on his knees with his hands restrained behind his back. I began with the ice. Firstly his lips, then his neck , then slowly all over his body.But, not his cock . Instead his inner thighs and the area between his balls and anus. I followed this by heat and then back to the ice. He was getting so aroused I had to grab a towel for the floor. The pre cum was running out of his cock like a stream.

Then I introduced freddy to needling.( pricking the skin with a sharp object ) He later told me this part was very intense and he wants me to do it harder next time. Then I started slapping him with a cane I'd purchased the previous day. I spanked his bottom, thighs and even a couple on his shoulders.
 I released freddy from his restraints and led him blindfolded to the bed. I pushed him onto his back and restrained his legs to his arms so his genitals and anus were on full display for me. I began by using the ice on his cock and balls. then I took his cock in m y mouth to provide the heat. I did this a number of times before moving my attention to his anus. I used my gloved fingers to penetrate him. Going in as deep as I could with four fingers. Then using fingers I began to stroke his prostrate. My other hand then continued with the ice and warm mouth. I have never seen a man spasm and ejaculate with such intensity. He told me after that was the single most erotic intense orgasm he's ever experienced in his life.
Now freddy wants to experiment with everything. In our next meeting he is going to finally take his Mistress' cock.

Mistress Anna with her cock

Monday, April 27, 2015

Master returns after 12 years

Last week my former Master came to the city. I have not seen him in 12 years. We have kept in contact by email though. He invited me to join him for a drink after work . No strings attached just friends getting together.
It did stir up some mixed emotions knowing he was going to be here. In his email he called me baby girl. No one else has ever called me that and in my head I could hear him saying it to me and my sub conscious was telling me to get on my knees naked I front of him . It seemed strange I hadn't been submissive for 12 years but my body felt an urge.
It also, stirred up memories. The most profound being the time I was kneeling before him sucking his cock. When he pulled out and sprayed my face and hair with cum. He wouldn't let me wipe it off . Instead he made me dress and then took me out for a walk. Oh the humiliation of people looking at me on the street was tremendous ,and yet I felt I was his to do with as he wished.
I agreed to meet him at the hotel bar and have a drink. I admit my heart skipped a few beats when he walked in.  We had a drink and then he called a man over, a friend of his to join us.
Then he said Baby girl ,would you like me to make your ultimate fantasy a reality. Now ,for those of you who don't know what it was, its to watch two straight men sucking each others cocks ( yes I am weird ). I said yes, yes.
 There is one thing though he says. If we do this, then after we get to do whatever we want to you.
I did eventually agree after a little negotiation. Certain things were off limits.
We went up to his hotel room and they stripped me naked and tied me up  legs  spread wide . Then they stripped off and took it in turns sucking each other. I was so aroused , my pussy so wet it was dripping down my inner thighs.
Then stopped before they cum. Then taking a necktie they put it around my eyes to blindfold me . They licked me ,fucked me and sucked and bite my nipples. My nipples are still bruised and sore a week later.

Was it worth it. Hell yes. To see that it was. I get aroused just remembering it.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Picnic with Lapdog

Lapdog prepared a picnic under my instructions of food and wine I would like and we drove out of the city to a conservation area for our picnic.

We found a nice spot on some sand by the river and lapdog set out a blanket. He served me some food and wine and even rubbed my feet.

We had a long conversation about what he wanted to experience as a sub. Even though I prefer sissy subs I think I can do this.
Lapdog wants PAIN. He wants to be pushed to his limits and beyond. In my mind I'm thinking Pinhead from Hellraiser. Maybe, that's a bit extreme. So, next week we will begin with spanking and flogging. He already has a paddle and a flogger and wants me to use them on him until he can take no more pain and screams out the safe word.

I just hope he doesn't forget the safe word !!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Freddy's training continues

I have so much to tell you blog readers. It's hard to know where to start. I've had another training session with freddy. I went on my picnic with the punisher ( thus forth to be known as Lapdog ). Also, very unexpectedly my former master (I was once a sub ), made a visit to my city. I have not seen him for 12 years. We have kept in touch via email though.

So,lets begin with freddy.
I arrived early at freddys home. I had packed my bag the previous night with my outfit and things I may need. I decided to wear a leopard print outfit with black stockings and boots. Freddy very much approved of the outfit. I began by ordering him to strip and get on his knees before me. Then I put him over my knees and spanked him with my wooden spoon. Poor freddy his bottom was throbbing. We will have to work more on his pain threshold. Its not very high yet.

Then I had him stand and go and lie on the bed. I bound his hands together then pulled them above his head. I began by dripping hot candle wax onto his naked body. Followed by ice cubes. The ice cubes were especially torturous when rubbed in the armpit. With arms extended back he could do nothing to stop me.

After, I put a pillow under his bottom and pushed his legs back. So, i had full access to his anus, cock and balls. I rubbed ice cubes over his balls and up and down his erect cock. Then putting my warm mouth around his cock. I kept alternating between the hot and cold.

Then I started to use my fingers to penetrate his ass. I told him he'll soon be ready for a dildo. I will look into getting a butt plug so we can stretch the anus muscles ready.

I was very aroused by the point and climbed onto the bed. I turned around and sat on his face and ordered him to lick while I continued to penetrate deeper with my fingers. Poor freddy begged for nearly ten minutes to be allowed to cum. Eventually I took hold of his cock and masturbated him to climax.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

My First Sexy Panties

When I was a young teen of thirteen. I always desired to own some sexy panties. Of course Moms don't agree to buy their daughter's anything mildly sexy. It was always plain white cotton ones. But, I saved my lunch money for a few weeks and bought myself two pairs of lovely lacy panties. One black and one red. I only wore them at the weekend and I used to feel grown up and sexy wearing them, even though no one else could see them .

A few weeks later on a summer's evening. I was with a group of friends three girls and five boys. The boys suggested we play a game  "spin the bottle".  For anyone not familiar with the game it involves someone spinning the bottle if the neck of the bottle points to you then the spinner challenges you to Truth or Dare. Truth being you answer a question truthfully, Dare being they challenge you to do something. The game was a lot of fun. Then a boy I knew liked me spun the bottle and it landed on me. He challenged me to take of my panties and give them to him. So, not being one to back down from a challenge I went behind a bush remove my jeans and panties redressed and carried them back out. I dropped my red panties on his lap and sat back down. He gave me a wicked smile and I blushed very red. He didn't give me the panties back after the game. Instead two days later he asked if I wanted then back. I said no you keep them. ( even at that age I could guess what he'd been doing to my panties ).

Jumping forward now to the 20 year high school reunion. The only one I ever attended. The above boy was there. I hadn't seen him since high school. I'd moved away from the area. He grabbed my arm and stayed with me all evening flirting and reminiscing. I felt bad he was ignoring his partner whom he'd brought with him. ( she actually looked a little like me. Since a few people asked if she was my sister ).Anyway it turns out he still has those panties. He said he has them in a box in his closet. His partner gets very upset by them and wants him to throw them out. I remarked he should after all those years.

He said No, I never thought you'd do that all those years ago. I will never part with them they remind me of you.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Disiplining db

I felt that lately I had been a little lax in db's discipline. So, i decided he needed to be taken in hand and reminded who was in charge. I ordered him to strip naked and to go and stand in the corner facing the wall. I left him stood there for 10 minutes. I sat in a leather armchair dressed in my black lingerie and stockings. Then he was commanded to crawl back from he was stood, kneel in front of me and masturbate himself. But , he can not cum. I just wanted a little amusement. I could tell by his hand rhythms that he kept slowing down obviously trying to stop himself from having an orgasm. It made me smile.

I instructed him to seize touching and return to the corner. This time I left him there 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes I stood up and grabbed db by the ear. Pulling him by it to the bed. I put a pillow under his bottom and pushed his legs back. I put on my latex gloves  applied lube to his anus and onto my fingers and thrust them deeply into him. My fingers penetrating deeper and opening him up. My smiling thinking the feeling of ownership he must be feeling knowing I'm inside him. I continued for 10 minutes then stopped. Removed my gloves and told him to put on his panties. No orgasm for you today db.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Punisher

On Friday I had an interesting proposition pit to me. One of my friends who's a dominant going by the name of the Punisher asked me if he could sub for me. Apparently he's been wanting to sub for sometime and has some fantasy play he wants to act out. He's an amazing Master to his slaves and very strict with his discipline. This has to be kept a secret so his slaves don't find out ( so I'm  spilling the beans to my blog readers). Good job he knows nothing about it. I'm unsure about this. He's not naturally subservient and is this going to be a disaster or just a challenge. I'm still thinking about it.

This is one of his fantasies (I like the sound of it)

I would like to be on my back with my legs pulled up to my shoulders with each arm tied to a leg, so I'm helpless with my ass and man parts nicely exposed to you. Then my Mistress sits on my face and makes me use my tongue while she spanks and penetrates my ass with her fingers and toys. Then when my Mistress sees fit, she puts on her strap on, makes me deep throat her, then stuffs her nicely lubed cock deep inside me and fucks me like the slutty little bitch that I am, until I'm vibrating and moaning my Mistresses praises. And if my Mistress desires, my cock and balls with be exposed and right in front of her to tease and play with.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Some wonderful different nipples for you to enjoy. Lots of shapes and sizes.

Anna's Chocolate covered nipples need licking clean

Monday, April 6, 2015

Training Freddy

Artwork by Eric Stanton

As you all know Mistress Anna has a sub db. But, on occasion she likes to take new untrained subs and discipline and mould them into her obedient servants. This is about my new trainee sub freddy.

A little about freddy. He's a young man plays a sport professionally. Very muscular, toned with amazing stamina I must say. He chatted up Mistress Anna with a view to fucking her. (which he actually did do ). But, during our chats he expressed an interest in being a sub. So , hence began his training.

Our first session ,began with him being stripped and blindfolded. Then began the nipple torture , he gasped with the unexpected pain. Following that was the spanking. Ten hard spanks with a wooden spoon. His white bottom was very red and you could see the marks of the spoon on it.

By this point he was begging to surrender to me so I told him he was now Mistress Anna's Slutty bitch. I put on my latex gloves and anally penetrated him. My fingers going deeper and deeper until he had four fingers in him. We finished with him on his knees , Mistress Anna sat in a chair while the slutty slave boy  freddy licked me to orgasm.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Enema Nurse

My Enema Nurse  ( Click Link for full story)

Unbeknown to me she had brought in ropes and proceeded to tie me spread-eagled to the bed. My legs were spread apart although not painfully and my arms were tied over my head not allowing me any freedom of movement except I could move my hips up and down. As I pondered my position my vision started clearing and I became aware that "Sherry", my nurse was wheeling this huge contraption over to the bed. Taking a look I could see that it consisted of a large red enema bag, obviously filled to the brim by the way it was bulging, hanging high on a stand with a larger than normal hose coming out the bottom. Smiling seductively, my nurse was busy looking through a drawer holding up different enema nozzles trying to decide which one to use. All this time I was starting to get pretty horny watching this and figured that once she gave me the enema, I would get up go to the bathroom, get dressed and leave. She selected a large nozzle and brought it over to where I was tied and said , "this little balloon on the inside will keep you from any accidents, and this balloon on the outside will keep the nozzle from going in too far.
Slipping the nozzle on the tube she set about greasing it up and pursing her lips said, " are you ready for my treatment K__?" Climbing on the bed I all of a sudden noticed that she didn't have any pants on under the uniform but this exciting sight was replaced immediately by the feeling of the enema nozzle entering my ass. It felt great going in and only served to make my cock harder as she pushed it in further and further. She stopped and then pumped up the balloon inside me. It felt like I wanted to go to the bathroom but knew I couldn't then. Straddling my legs, Sherry said, "are you ready for the enema?" I weakly responded "I think so" and I heard the click of the clamp that had been holding back the hot water that was about to invade my insides. I suddenly felt the force of the water gushing into me, warming my most inner parts, filling me with a delicious feeling that took away all my inhibitions and embarrassment about being naked in front of this gorgeous nurse. As the enema continued to fill me My Enema Nurse softly stroked my legs and stomach which was rapidly filling up and I indicated so to her. She cooed that just a little more and she would stop. As my insides filled to the point of being uncomfortable she finally shut of the flow and said, "lets let the water soak a little before you let it out." I wasn't in a position to say no so I laid there and waited. She then took the hose apart and stuck the other end in a large drain in the table and opening the clamp let the enema inside me run into the drain. I was amazed that so much water was in there as it kept running out for several minutes. After a while my nurse says, "well that was good for your first one but the next one should do even better." Another enema, oh well and as she hadn't removed the nozzle I was feeling pretty good by this time and said, I could probably take more water this time as there was more room now and she agreed.