Friday, November 20, 2015

Mistress Anna and a Female submissive

WOW. What a meeting last night. I've had many sexual experiences in my life but that was unbelievable. The chemistry between the 4 of us was electric. Poor Freddy was blown away. Poor guy had a throbbing erection and wild dreams that kept him awake all night. He text me at 6am to ask if I enjoyed it as much as him . YES, I really did.

We met them in Masters K's Penthouse hotel Suite. Beautiful view, expensive wine. We changed and sat to enjoy wine with them before retiring to the bedroom. Master K had brought a few toys with him including a Perseus Flogger. I had his sub bend over and pulled down her pantyhose and pink panties. Then with my hand I started to spank her lovely white cheeks until they turned a lovely pink colour. Then I progressed to a paddle her cute rump getting very red. Finally I got to use Perseus. What a lovely swing and thud he has. Her cheeks starting to turn very crimson and angry looking. Eventually she begged for mercy.
 I kissed her sweet cheek's.  Then turned her onto her back. I took the riding crop and whipped her nipples. Then leaning forward I sucked and pinched and bit her nipples. Then I moved the crop down and pushed her legs open. I slapped her pussy a few times I could see it was getting her wet. I slid my fingers inside her wet pussy and then licked and bit her clit until she came and gushed all over my fingers. I pulled my fingers out and had her lick them clean. The guys are stood watching with throbbing erections.

More to come ........

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hello Master K

I've been conversing online for a couple of months with Master K and his female sub. He Lives in Seattle but does come to the city I live in very often. He was very interesting in meeting me and hopefully arranging for some playtime for us all if things went well. Master K and his sub  arrived in the city I live in yesterday morning and we set up a meeting for last night.  We arranged to meet at a retro bar last night and I went there with Freddy. I do wonder if Freddy thinks sometimes what has Anna arranged now.
We arrived first and had a drink while we waited for them. They looked very much like I imagined surprising since we exchanged no face pics prior to meeting. Master K was very much how I imagined him to look. We all got on very well., with myself and Master K doing most of the talking of Course. After consulting with our subs we all agreed on a playdate for tonight at their hotel room.

Monday, November 16, 2015

BDSM Play Party

I know you have all been patiently waiting for this.

I arrived with Freddy at 8pm. We were greeting by the hosts Miss Rose and her sub. They were already dressed. It was a kinky Fet costume party. I went upstairs with Freddy and we got changed. I put on my full Domme outfit. Corset, stockings, boots, long gloves as well as a long black wig and eye mask. Freddy wore some sexy lingerie id chosen for him, a pink wig and an eye mask. We went downstairs to join ours hosts for wine in the kitchen. Miss Rose was also in a corset, a sexy leather one with her lovely breasts on show. She had a black wig on ,eye mask and fishnet stockings. Her sub M was wearing a Leather Chest Harness, a leather pouch with chastisty cage under it and an eyemask.

About 10 minutes later the other couples arrived. Master T with Sub J, Master A with sub V and Miss Roses other sub S. We drank wine then went upstairs and Sub M put some porn movies on to get everyone in the mood. Freddy and myself were getting very aroused and we snuck off to the bedroom to have sex while they watched the movie. He got on his knees and licked my pussy until I came. Then I pulled him up by his hair threw him on the bed and rode his cock until we both came. Then we cleaned up and went back to join them watching the movie.

Shortly after our return Miss Rose left the room and returned with a cane, a paddle and a flogger and said its time to whip those slaves. So, all the subs got in a row with their asses exposed and the 4 dominants took it in turn to spank them. I really enjoyed using the paddle and Sub J could take a lot of punishment. She is quite the pain slut.
Everyone got very hot doing this and some clothing got removed. Then I suggested we should torture the genitals. So, both male and females had to lie on their backs legs open to expose themselves. I went to the bedroom and returned with my play bag.

I put my playbag down and took out some laces, clothespins, some parachutes with weights and some sounds including my new vibrating sound as you can see in the above picture.  I started with Freddy by binding his cock then attached the parachute and weights. Freddy can now take 10 lbs in weight hanging from his balls. He loves me pulling hard on the weights and sucking his cock at the same time. He gets so hard and the bindings strain around this cock
Then leaving Freddy standing there and had Miss Roses sub M lie on the floor. Hes only been sounded a couple of times and never by me. I started with a smaller one and built up to the vibrating one. While I did that Miss Rose sat on his face and told him to eat her out.

By this time the male domes had taken to playing with their subs and we all decided to take our play to the bedrooms. Miss Rose had already got rope ready for restraining subs. I allowed the Male Doms to take over with that. I have long nails and weak hands so im terrible at doing rope. So,i usually go the easy way with cuffs.

We all started to play with any sub we wanted. I was very attracted to female sub J and I sucked and bite her nipples while my fingers went inside her wide open wet pussy. I took one of the big vibrators and slide it into her while my tongue licked and and sucked her clitty. It didn't take her long to orgasm . I pulled the vibrator out and licked all her wetness. I would love to tell you what everyone else was doing at this time but I was rather engrossed in her. So, let your imaginations run riot readers you wont be far wrong.

A little later myself and Miss Rose put on our Strap on's and lining up the subs and 2 of the Male Doms we had a little Conveyor belt going of fucking asses. Cleaning off between changing over of course. My evening ended by having sex with Freddy and one of the Male Doms at the same time. A very enjoyable evening was had by all I believe.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Freddys First Swing Date

Freddy and myself did split up for a month after the play party. So, this conversation took place in October. Freddy said it was very arousing watching each other have sex with other people and having them watch us. This brought up the conversation about Swingers. This is something ive done in the past but very new for Freddy. So, I put a profile up on a swingers site and the fun begins.
First couple we got together with were Ron and Olivia. Both in their 50's . Looking to liven up their sex life. This was a first time for them too. Olivia is bi-curious and wanted to try some girl on girl stuff. For those of you that don't know. I am bisexual and have had relationships with women in the past.
We met in a hotel room and we all changed into something more comfortable. We had some wine and sat and relaxed and chatted. Olivia was very nervous and was drinking a lot. After an hour im beginning to wonder if they want to do anything. Freddy is getting impassionate. Hes kissing my neck and has his fingers in my panties playing with my pussy. So, even though we had agreed before hand to do things at their pace I decided I needed to take control or we would just talk all night. So, I stood up, took Olivias hand and led her to the bed. We had a king size bed. I lay her down , grabbed some ice from the bucket and proceed to tease her breasts with them. The men very quickly joined us. Their hands touching us as I touched her. I bent over and kissed her breasts before bringing them to my mouth and suckling them. She had lovely breasts , small and firm with perky nipples. I kissed down her soft belly and slid my hand into her panties. Her pussy was smooth and soft and I let my fingers gently stroke along before parting them with my fingers. She opened her legs and I slid my fingers inside her.  Ron was suckling her breasts and her hand was wrapped tight around his cock. Freddy was kissing my ass and had his fingers inside me. I whispered to her if she would like me to lick her. But, she said she wasn't ready to go that far. After ,I brought her to orgasm using my fingers we turned our attention to the men. We first licked and sucked Ron's cock together and then did the same to Freddy. Freddy was thrilled to have two women giving his cock attention and was struggling to stop himself from having an orgasm.Then it was my turn I lay back . Olivia kissed me and sucked my breasts. Ron slide his fingers inside me and freddy licked my clitty and squeezed my other breast. It didn't take me long to orgasm. I had brought my strap on and I used it on each of them in turn. So, I got to fuck three asses with it. Since they didn't feel ready for a full swap, we ended the night by fucking our partners. I think it was a good introduction for Freddy.