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Friday, November 6, 2015

Freddys First Swing Date

Freddy and myself did split up for a month after the play party. So, this conversation took place in October. Freddy said it was very arousing watching each other have sex with other people and having them watch us. This brought up the conversation about Swingers. This is something ive done in the past but very new for Freddy. So, I put a profile up on a swingers site and the fun begins.
First couple we got together with were Ron and Olivia. Both in their 50's . Looking to liven up their sex life. This was a first time for them too. Olivia is bi-curious and wanted to try some girl on girl stuff. For those of you that don't know. I am bisexual and have had relationships with women in the past.
We met in a hotel room and we all changed into something more comfortable. We had some wine and sat and relaxed and chatted. Olivia was very nervous and was drinking a lot. After an hour im beginning to wonder if they want to do anything. Freddy is getting impassionate. Hes kissing my neck and has his fingers in my panties playing with my pussy. So, even though we had agreed before hand to do things at their pace I decided I needed to take control or we would just talk all night. So, I stood up, took Olivias hand and led her to the bed. We had a king size bed. I lay her down , grabbed some ice from the bucket and proceed to tease her breasts with them. The men very quickly joined us. Their hands touching us as I touched her. I bent over and kissed her breasts before bringing them to my mouth and suckling them. She had lovely breasts , small and firm with perky nipples. I kissed down her soft belly and slid my hand into her panties. Her pussy was smooth and soft and I let my fingers gently stroke along before parting them with my fingers. She opened her legs and I slid my fingers inside her.  Ron was suckling her breasts and her hand was wrapped tight around his cock. Freddy was kissing my ass and had his fingers inside me. I whispered to her if she would like me to lick her. But, she said she wasn't ready to go that far. After ,I brought her to orgasm using my fingers we turned our attention to the men. We first licked and sucked Ron's cock together and then did the same to Freddy. Freddy was thrilled to have two women giving his cock attention and was struggling to stop himself from having an orgasm.Then it was my turn I lay back . Olivia kissed me and sucked my breasts. Ron slide his fingers inside me and freddy licked my clitty and squeezed my other breast. It didn't take me long to orgasm. I had brought my strap on and I used it on each of them in turn. So, I got to fuck three asses with it. Since they didn't feel ready for a full swap, we ended the night by fucking our partners. I think it was a good introduction for Freddy.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Glory Hole Games at the Swingers Party

Last night i decided to take Mr B to one of my friends swingers parties.He'd never been to one and was excited to participate.We got there and mingled having drinks and chatting to other couples.We were chatting to this lone woman who was very attractive.Her name was Cheryl.Very petite,long dark hair and small breasts.I could tell Mr B found her attractive so i suggested a little 3 some which they were both keen to do.
We found an empty bedroom and myself and Cheryl got onto the bed.We kissed and carressed and sucked each others breasts while we undressed each other.I knew Mr B would be getting aroused by this.Once we were naked we beckoned him to the bed and together we undressed him.We stroked his chest,bite his nipples,fondled his buttocks but we didn't touch his cock.Which we could see was hard and throbbing.
We rubbed our breasts on his face and made him suck our breasts.Then he fingered Cheryl's pussy while she fingered mine.I came very quickly i was so aroused ,so then i moved over and suckled on her breasts .After,she'd cum we turned our attention to Mr B we stroked and fondled his cock and balls.Then we kissed with his cock in the middle of us.Then we took it in turn to suck him.He was oozing unbelievable amounts of precum which was trailing from my lips to his cock everytime i pulled away.
We stopped before he came and i lay on the bed facing Cheryl.We began to kiss very passionately and our breasts were rubbing against each others.Mr B stood over us and began to masturbate himself,he then sprayed so much cum over our faces and hair it made so much mess.But,then as you know i do like a mess.
We made our exit from the bedroom cum still on my face and stuck in my hair.
I did intend to wash it off in the bathroom but both were occupied so i just left it where it was.I think Mr B thought it was hot me walking around with his cum stuck on my face in full view of everyone.
We got more drinks and wondered around checking out other couples having sex and playing various sex games.
We went out the garage which seemed a busy place to see what was going on.They were playing out a variation of the glory hole.Someone had put up a very large wooden board with 3 holes in it.
The men were on one side poking their cocks through,and the women on the other side were sucking the cocks.The idea really aroused me.To suck cocks of strangers mmmmmm.
I asked Mr B if he wanted to play and he didn't need asking twice.
I went and joined the ladies line up.Every 3 minutes they would change.Three men poked their cocks through, then the next 3 ladies in line would each take a cock and suck it for 3 minutes.Of course if you could get the man to spunk in that time then it was a bonus.We played that for the next hour which was lots of fun and yes i did get one man to spunk in my mouth,and no i have no idea who he was LOL
After that we decided to leave.I could tell Mr B was still aroused by it all.So,i went back to his place and fucked for what seemed like hours before i went home.