Thursday, July 30, 2015

Feast or Famine

The past week has been a famine in terms of meeting up with submissives  or even lovers for that fact. It seems everyone is on holiday. Being a woman with a high sex drive and low boredom threshold I found myself revisiting some messages id received during the past month in search of some potential new fun.
I know your thinking Mistress its only been a week. But, im a woman given the opportunity would like to have sex several times a day. So a week is a long long time. 
I chose a likely man the same age as me and sent him an email. He responded quite promptly and we spent Tuesday exchanging emails. I agreed yesterday after work to meet him for a drink at a downtown bar. We got on very well and exchanged phone numbers so we can text.
So, it looks like we might hook up in the future. Unfortunately he's away for the next few weeks would you believe my luck.
However, while im in the bar with him I receive 3 emails off subs who are now home and want to get together. Is it my imagination or do men have a sixth sense when I'm dipping my toes looking for a new sub LOL. It always seems that way.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Friday, July 24, 2015

Cum covered Underwear

Look what i got in the mail from Mr Wonder.
His cum covered underwear.
What a horny sexy man he is mmmmm

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cum in your coffee

I entered the room carrying two cups of coffee. I placed them on the dresser. In the corner slutty was kneeling naked facing the wall. I opened my bag and took out the hood. I put it over his head and put the collar and leash on him.
I looked in my bag and took out a vibrator. Not for me to use on slutty. But for slutty to use on me. This morning slutty would be pleasuring his mistress.
I grabbed him by the leash and ordered him to crawl to the chair. I sat on the chair. I was wearing a skirt with no panties. I parted my legs and told slutty to pleasure me with his mouth and the vibrator. Which he did an excellent job of doing.
When I was satisfied I had slutty position himself on his hands and knees. Then I took pleasure spanking him with my paddle and anally penetrating him. I didn't forget my lube this time.
When I had finished I removed the mask and handed slutty his black coffee. He sat at my feet massaging them while we drank our coffee. I told slutty he wasn't to finish his coffee but to leave some at the bottom.

I told slutty to get on the bed. I started to bite his lovely big nipples and had him suckle on my breasts. I teased his cock just a little since he said he was very aroused and I didn't want him to cum just yet.
Slutty stood up and I continued to pinch and twist his nipples. Finally milking his cock until he spurted all his cum into his coffee. Then I ordered him to drink it all up. He protested but he wanted to be a good boy for his mistress and did as he was told.
Then I dressed and headed off to work. This was a nice early morning start to my day yesterday.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Experiment

I'd been chatting via email to a submissive blog reader. On discovering he only lived a short drive away we decided to meet. However, to add an unexpected twist we decided to meet and play with no prior meeting and no exchange of face pics. So, the experiment was to see how it would be playing "blind" with a stranger.
We set a few rules , and had some idea how we wanted it to play out. But, other than that it would see what happens. So, you have two accounts here of what transpired. One by myself and one wrote by him., I did not edit his account in anyway. I thought it would be interesting to get it from both angles.

Mistress Anna's account

I was breathing hard with anticipation as I reached the hotel room door. He had messaged me he'd checked in and was waiting for me. I admit to of never been so nervous about a meeting. I opened the door ,not knowing what to expect inside. I locked the door behind me ,put down my bag ,took a deep breath and walked into the room. The sight in front of me was a slutty looking man wearing sexy black lingerie and a hood. I immediately named him slutty. He was restrained to the bed ,spread eagled apart from one loose arm. I walked over restrained that arm and whispered in his ear " not to go anywhere, I would be back". I went to the bathroom quickly showered and dressed in my corset and stockings.
Returning to the bed. I took a few things out of my bag. I began by teasing him with ice and a little needling. Then I attached some alligator clips. Never seen them before. Something new for me. I love new things. They have some vicious grip to them. Slutty has some delightfully large nipples and I had a wonderful time biting them and torturing them with the clips. I loved seeing him groan and wriggle with the pain. It was wonderfully arousing to me.
I had intended to do some anal play and pegging but realised id forgotten to pack my lube. So, that will be for another time. I did however put on my strap on and had slutty suck my cock like the little slut he is.
I knew slutty was eager to see what I looked like and to honest I was curious to see him. I removed his mask . He was a good looking man I must say. I then had him worship and suckle my large breasts.
We continued to play for sometime after that. I spanked him with my paddle. Did more torture to his nipples and some other things. I finished by face sitting on him. Forcing my pussy into his face. My mouth close to his cock. Not touching it but breathing and blowing it. He eventually couldn't hold off any longer and ejaculated everywhere.

I released him from his bonds and we shared a bottle of wine getting to know each other. Are we meeting again. Maybe very soon.

This is Sluttys account

" after a busy morning I headed to shop for my meeting with Mistress Anna--it had been hard to concentrate over a lunch meeting as the anticipation of our first get together grew.

First stop Canadian Tire for some rope,  alligator battery clamps and a dog collar and leash. Second stop Value Village for some slutty lingerie and then off to a local sex shop for a mask to cover my face. A last stop for some wine and pick up ice and i was ready to meet

i had been instructed by Mistress Anna to leave the room door ajar and await her arrival. As instructed, i  dressed in lingerie, tied my two legs and one of my hands in the spread eagled position, put on the mask and awaited her entry. My loose hand was positioned so all Mistress Anna needed to do was tie it using the rope attached to the bed leg.

As the door clicked behind Mistress Anna, i realized there was no turning back. Other than e-mail exchanges and her blog i knew nothing about her and had never heard her voice. Were the pictures fake, was Mistress Anna a man, was Mistress Anna a complete sadist all raced through my mind in anticipation. There was complete silence on the entry so i did not know and escape was impossible even if i wanted that. Thankfully as she reached out and tied my loose hand she welcomed me with her beautiful voice, making it clear that she was in control and i should not go anywhere---with a smile i would suppose as i could not see her. She named me "slutty" on the spot presumably because i looked like one.

The anticipation was heightened by her using ice cubes to cool me down and the tingles flowed through my body. i don't think Mistress Anna had ever used nipple clips of the kind i brought and they clearly made her hot---something that was rewarding for me that i could please her that way. Combined with hard bites on my nipples it was fantastic. and Mistress kept doing it so i suspect it worked for her too!!

As she brought me to arousal i begged her to let me see her, i was not disappointed, her beautiful face matches her fantastic body. our time over the next hour or so flew by, Mistress used my ample nose to masturbate while sitting on my face and demanded me to worship her breasts long and hard. 

My time with Mistress Anna was wonderful, she is as kinky as anybody i have met. Unfortunately she forgot her lube that day so pegging is on the list for our next visit---which i can't wait for.


Friday, July 10, 2015

Submissive Kidnapping Scenario

A few things have happened during the past week. The main one being I took back Freddy. The dominant head ruling me is saying this is a big mistake. You shouldn't forgive him. But, the compassionate heart ruling me has decided to give him a second chance. I have a feeling in the near future I'll be regretting this. But, life is full of regrets we just carry on regardless.

I was dressed in a lace bodysuit and boots. In my hand a belt, handcuffs, and a pillowcase. In the other room a man stood. He wore old shorts and a t-shirt. His back was to me as he read the newspaper. I knew I wanted to possess him. To own him. I crept up behind him. I threw the pillow case over his head and pulled his hands behind his back attaching the handcuffs. He continued to protest and struggle. I put the belt around his neck and attached it to give me control.

I pulled him by the belt into the bathroom. Id already attached another belt to the shower rail. Uncuffing his hands and restraining them in the front. I pulled his arms up and attached them so he was suspended from the shower rail. Tearing the clothes off him I looked at his naked body. Weak and helpless before me. I beat his ass with my paddle until he was begging me to stop. Then pushing him into the shower I emptied pails of ice water over him. He squealed like a girl. Just the way I want him.

I let him down, drag him from the shower and pushed him on his knees . I force my dildo into his mouth. He tries to struggle but I pull his hair and say suck your new Mistresses cock. He eventually submits and does as he's told, I drag him up from the floor and push him head first onto the bed. I force his legs open and penetrate his anus with my dildo. I tell him I now own him. He's going to be my slutty bitch for as long as I want him. I masturbate his cock as im fucking his ass. He losses control and cums into my hand. I pull off the pillowcase and make him eat his cum off my hand. I say I think your going to be an excellent bitch for me to play with.

That was a kidnapping scenario I played out with Freddy at the weekend.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Anna should Superglue her Panties on if shes planning to get drunk !!!!!!!!

Have you ever done something and thought the next day was i brain dead.Did i really actually nearly do that!!!!!!!!!!!

Now,this story happened pre blog which is why i've never wrote it before.

A few years back i was persuaded by a GF to go to this singles night.So,i get all glammed up and off we go.

We get there and i look around and it reminds me of one of those school dances.Boys one side and girls the,out of sheer boredom i hit the bar.Many,many drinks later i'm coming back from the washroom when this idiot slops his beer all over me.I slur something unrecognisable as English back at him and somehow agree to let him buy me a drink.

Now,after a few drinks i'm sure Mr Ugly looks like Brad Pitt to me.So,This Ken(his real name),looks gorgeous.An amazing transformation since i thought him an ugly pretentious jerk earlier in the evening.

His sole topic of conversation is sex.

How much he likes sex

How good he is at sex

How big his cock is

How much fun he can have with me

How i'd never regret trying out his cock

Eventually after a few more drinks and the club closing.I'm left with a difficult dilemma.Do i go back to Ken's place for sex.Or do i get a taxi and pick up a takeout on my way home.

I'm really starving but decide its Ken's place for sex.

He tells me he lives with a room mate but has his own room.

We get there and room mate is asleep in front of TV.Its a typical men's apartment.I won't go into the grubby details.

His room is fairly sparse and clean.Single bed and a chair.Clothes in piles on the floor.

I sit on the bed expecting him to sit next to me.I had noticed he hadnt kissed or held my hand or anything.But it really didnt register too much.

He didn't sit on the bed he sat on the chair.Then he says

"okay then Anna lets get our clothes off.

You undress there and i'll undress here"

Im thinking this is weird ,but drunken numb skull i am im still slowly undressing

He's already down to light blue jockeys.Which i can't fail to notice have a big wet stain on the front.

Then he says when your naked get on all fours at the foot of the bed and i'll come over and fuck you.I'll just put a condom on

He's pulls of f the Jockeys and i of course take a look since he told me he had a big cock.Big cock yeah.I don't know who told him that but he needs to get the tape measure out if he thinks a 5 inch boner is a big cock. Not that the size of a mans appendage makes any difference really.

Im sat on the bed now in my bra and pantys,quite shocked by his last remark and trying to make my brain cells think of an excuse to get out of there.

I'm sat there watching him put a plastic grocery bag around his cock and start masturbating  he's grunting and groaning as he does it .Then he gives his cock a couple of tugs and i hear him swear.I look closer and see he's cum into the grocery bag.

His cock now has drooped and no chance of that fucking me.

Thank the lord i'm thinking.Someone has saved me.

I say i must go,and fled half dressed out of the apartment

Get outside and go to phone a taxi and realise i've no clue where i am.So,im wondering the streets until i find a road sign.

So,my moral there is don't do anything i'd do.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sissy Talk

The other day,i was chatting with db and we got into a different scenario in our role playing.Normally i don't allow db to touch me in a sexual way.But,yesterday i allowed him a  rare treats.To suckle my breasts .
Normally i don't allow him these liberties since he's my sissy sub and i like to just dress him up all girly. Then humiliate him and tease and abuse his  anus and cock.
This an outfit like one i might wear when i bathe db .Before dressing him in her pink silky panties and dress.Transforming him into my sissy.

Interesting book by Colin Milton you may want to read.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Urethral Sounding

I've been having a lot of fun with my new toy. I've used it four times now. Each time has been better than the last. The first time was a first for both myself and my sub. He was extremely nervous, I applied the lubricant to the sound and to the tip of his penis. I'd made sure everything was sterilized before hand. I touched the top of the penis with the sound and he said stop it hurts. He was a little annoyed i laughed . I said I haven't started yet I've only put it on your skin. He started to protest that maybe he wasn't quite mentally prepared for this yet. While he was busy protesting I actually slid it in an inch. He was surprised when I told him. He said I never felt it go in. We didn't do much else the first time.  We just let him get used to the feel of it inside his cock.

The second time. He was a little more relaxed and prepared. So,was I if im honest. I slide it in a few inches. Just over the 5 into the beginning of the 6. Then I took his hand and made him touch his cock. Feeling the rigid hard metal inside the penis is an amazing feeling for me. So, it must feel even better if its your cock. He did respond after by getting an erection with it inside him. I stroked his cock a little but not too much.

The third and fourth times, were just what we'd both imagined it would be. I masturbated him with the sound. The fourth time I even massaged his prostrate at the same time which he said was an indescribable amazing sensation.

Before we began this process I scoured the internet for first hand experience from others. I found this website im going to share. If you plan on trying sounding. I recommend reading this first.