Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sissy Training - Masturbation Schedule

Part of sissy training is a masturbation schedule.

Sissies must always remember that masturbation is a privilege to be enjoyed at my discretion.

I often set db a schedule since we don't live together. He is required to check in and confirm he has adhered to it. Usually he is allowed to climax no more than 3 times a week. Sometimes he is allowed to stroke his sissy cock, but must stop before climax. Other times he must refrain completely. db must always be wearing his sissy girl panties when he masturbates. This is to remind him his cock belongs to Mistress Anna and is NOT his anymore.

Also,db must always pee like a big girl. No standing up to pee like a real man just sitting like a sissy girl. 

Failure to follow the schedule ALWAYS requires me to administer punishment later. My punishments vary from pulling down his panties and spanking him, to making him lick my dirty shoes clean or even violating him anally with a humiliating object like a candle or cucumber.

This is an example of db's current schedule if you sissys want to follow it

Mon, Wed ,Fri -  You are allowed to masturbate and climax
Sat, Sun - You may may stroke your cock but NO climax
Tues, Thurs - No touching


Ophelia said...

You referred to having slave girls . Do you put them on schedules ? How can you be sure db doesn't cheat ?

Anonymous said...

Three times a WEEK?

That's it???

Not 3 times a day?

Even prisoners of war get more than that under the Geneva Convention?

Partial masturbation?

You've got to be kidding!

Stroking but no climax? That's known to induce hypertension and other circulatory problems.

That's how Houdini died!

db said...

Mistress Anna knows me very well, having plumbed the depths of my mind and psyche in Her training of me. She has greatly influenced not only my behavior but my entire character. She knows i would not disobey. We are in touch enough that She can tell from our conversations and even tone of voice that i have not strayed from Her schedule. Her discipline also assures it. If in doubt, She will impose discipline just to be sure. Allowing climaxing three times a week is on the generous side for Mistress. Sometimes She will limit it to once and will examine my scrotum to see how full it is during the interim. The picture (aside from his not having panties) does show how sometimes the masturbation occurs when we are together.And-very rarely!-Mistress will masturbate Her sissy as a reward.--db

anna louise said...

I always know if db cheats Ophelia. He can't keep any secrets from his mistress. Yes I do sometimes have Slave girls. I have a slightly different schedule for them. Something I may do for a different post

anna louise said...

All I can say Rev is that it's a good job I wasn't involved in caring for the prisoners. You know I'd have them lined up in front of me , on their knees spurting their cum for their guard mistress.

anna louise said...

I think I have been more than generous with climax's this week db. You personally know I can be very strict with my denials. My hands squeezing you to see how full you are. I did pick that picture because it depicts you sitting in the corner with me standing over you watching

Anonymous said...

That's a very very lenient schedule to say the least. 3 times a week is a lot. More like once every 3 weeks.