Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Releasing Chastity Boy

Friday afternoon I arrived key in hand to release Chastity boy from his restraint. I decided to arrive 10 minutes late just to raise his anxiety level. He doesn't have another key. It was necessary to release him since his fiancĂ©e was making a weekend visit and I suspect would be none to happy to find some woman had the key to her boyfriends jewels.                    We hugged and went into the bedroom. I did arrive today with my playbag. I unlocked the Chastity Belt and washed his cock with warm water. This resulted in him getting an erection. I blindfolded him and restrained his hands . I began by getting ice from the kitchen and teasing his naked body with it. I followed that by needling. He was driven wild by the erotic pain. During this time his cock lost it's erection  which is what I wanted. Chastity boy had Kindly agreed to be my test subject for my new toy. A urethral Sounding tool. ( Heger Sound 5mm/ 6mm ). For those of you not familiar with what it is . It's a metal  tool inserted inside the penis through the urethra.   I put lube on the head of his cock and all over the 5mm end I was going to insert in him. I slowly started to push it in. He panicked to begin with saying it burned. While he was distracted complaining I pushed it in an inch. He was surprised when I said I'd done that and he started to relax a little. I pushed in a further half inch. So, there was an inch and a half inside him. It was amazing to feel this hard rigid metal inside his cock.It was  indescribably arousing. We left it there for a while so he could get used to the feeing. I didn't masturbate him with it since this was new for both of us and I thought just baby steps was good. After pulling it out I put my mouth very close to his cock. Not touching it just blowing on it. This brought his erection back to life. I massaged his prostrate and then inserted his butt plug. He was happy that I got his big butt plug in . He'd never managed it before. I then rubbed some warming massage oil on my hands and proceded to stroke his cock. This was obviously too much for his cock since he exploded spurting cum all over my hands. I cleaned him up, kissed him and left . 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chastity - Denial and Tease

The past few days have been a little challenging. Freddy is no longer my sub . He betrayed my trust on a private matter ( not domme/sub related ), and I could never trust him again. So, all his unread begging emails have been deleted.

However , the week did not go all bad. I've been emailed for 5 months with a sub but have never met him nor exchanged pics. Never felt the need since I never intended to meet him even though we connect unbelievably well online. I was a little nervous about his age he's 29.  I also wrongly had some pre conceived idea in my head of what he looked like and lets just say it wasn't good. Then on Wednesday I agreed to meet him just to chat over coffee. I did send him a pic of me and told him he'd have to introduce himself.
Wow was I ever wrong about how he looked.  Gorgeous looking guy , designer suit, fancy sports car.
The coffee meeting went so good I ended up going back to his condo. He's really into Chastity belts and tease and denial. We some ended up in his bedroom. No idea how that happened lol.
He took of his clothes off from the waist down and lay on the bed. Since, I never planned to play I had nothing with me so had to improvise in his kitchen. Also, he had a butt plug and a few anal toys of his own. I stayed fully dressed, but teased his cock until he was throbbing and pre cum was oozing everywhere. Then I fastened him in his Chastity belt and closed the padlock. Its a metal ringed one . His cock had gone down during that. So it was time to tease it more. OMG it swelled so much his poor cock and balls were squeezing out of the rings with the strain and turning purple. So, I thought I should stop and let him return to normal.  We kissed goodbye and I took the key with me. I will be back to return it to him on Friday.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Imagine i'm lying on the floor ,your looking down at my breasts
And dipping your throbbing swollen balls in and out of my mouth(teabagging)

Many men enjoy some form of testicular stimulation during sex. One of the most sought after techniques is referred to as teabagging, after the motion of dipping a bag of tea into and out of the water. Drop your head below his scrotum, with your lips pointed upward at the scrotum. Allow him to lower his scrotum into your mouth. Suck on one testicle, then the other, then both if you can stretch around. Use your tongue to lick the testicles and the base of the scrotum. Take care to be gentle around this area, as men are very sensitive. Start slow and gentle, then work your way up in intensity, watching his reactions closely. Try stroking his penis while you're teabagging for some extreme oral fun.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Sexy Gord

This is one of my friends.Say Hi to sexy Gord. He knows I love men in woman's panties. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Making Love

In answer to your questions Freddy was in fact the recipitant of my birthday gift to myself on Saturday .                                        On Sunday Freddy sent me a text and asked if we could meet for an hour. However , if I agreed to meet him then I also had to agree that for that hour I wasn't allowed to be in charge.                     Curiosity and intrigue got the better of me and I drove out to this secluded spot we know. Freddy arrived a few minutes later. Then with a blanket under his arm took my hand and we walked to a hidden spot. He lay the blanket down and we lay on it and kissed passionately. He slid off my sandals and kissed my feet. Then slowly he undressed me, kissing and caressing me until he had my panties off. Stripping naked he got between my legs and started to lick my pussy. He made me orgasm a number of times before he slid his hard cock into me. Thrusting it deeply into me it felt so good. Then he exploded inside me filling me with his warm cum. He said he couldn't send me home all messy and then proceeded to get between my legs and lick up his cum. Which in turn made me cum again. Then he kissed me passionately with his cum covered face , wrapped his arms around me cuddling me and said Anna you deserve to be made love to on birthday because your a very special lady.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Today is my Birthday. So one of my Slaveboys will be getting a treat

So,my little slaveboys i'll be doing a bit of anal violation to you.I'll be pushing you onto all fours spreading those legs of your apart.Reaching between them to stroke those full swollen balls and erect penis.Then spreading the lubricant around your exposed anus and around your groin letting you feel the heat of my hand against your exposed skin.My face bending forward blowing into your rectum seeing your muscles tense up in anticipation.Then my hands gripping your ass cheeks firmly spreading them wide before me.You'll feel the hard rubber of the dildo touch your opening and then force its way inside you as i penetrate your inner regions.My hands grip your shoulders firmly so i can pound that sweet ass of yours with my cock.I know you love your mistress having you anyway she wants making you beg her to have mercy on you.But ,she never does.Your body belongs to her to do with as she wishes.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hot Blowjob story

One thing that turns me on beyond belief is watching two men give each other blowjobs.I was looking on a site yesterday and found this story i'd like to share

I have been eating my own cum for
years. I have been married for 35 tears and i recently
told my wife of a fantasy i had about eating cum.I told
her that i would like to be at a stag party with about
15 men and i would give them all 2 good blowjobs. For a
grand finally i would have them all wank off and one by
one cum in my mouth. I told her how i love the taste of
cum and cock in my mouth. I also told that if i did this
i would have someone take a video of this.So the other
night she brought two men home friom the pub she works
at and told them that i liked to suck cock and eat cum.
She had us go in the bedroom and told us to strip. Then she
got camera out and said that i was going to suck cock
all night long. I gave each guy three blow jobs. It was
great. Then before they left she told them to wank off
and had me lie on the bed with my mouth wide open and
told them to cumm in my mouth at the same time.She then
told me to thank them for letting me suck their big
cocks and any time they or their friends wanted a good
blow job just come over to our house.
She also said she was going to show the pictures of me
sucking cock to the girls at work and i loved it. She asked
me if i minded if she brought a couple of them home to
watch a real cocksucker in action . This turned me on
.So when the big night came she said she would give the
orders. First she told the girls how i loved to suck and
lick the guys balls and she told me to start sucking the
first guys balls.The girls were turned on by this so she
told them to watch me suck cock and she ordered me to
start sucking and that i could not swallow the cum until
she told me to.So i sucked all three of and held all the
cum in my mouth and she told me to open wide so the
girls could see all the cum in my mouth. Then she told me
to swirl it around with my tongue with my mouth open.I
loved every drop. The next week the girls came over and
my wife said she had a nice surprise for me . She told
to start wanking off and then she took out a bag the
girls had brought over. There was 12 condoms in it and
she said that i was to suck every on of them dry while
she and the girls watched. It was delicious.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I'm back off my holiday. I'll be writing again soon . A little teaser in the meantime.