Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hot Pee Pics

These are some amazing pee pics off Mr Wonder
Love how the flow comes off his hand and love that he's soaking one of my pics
He does lick them after too
It gets me very horny looking at them
Anyone wishing to send me pics can do so at       Please state if the pics are for my private viewing or if you wish to share them with my blogreaders.


Friday, May 8, 2015

Flogging Lapdog

I'm in Lapdogs bedroom. We are sat on the bed waiting for his room mate to leave for work. I'm sure the room mate is curious as to why this older woman has turned up early in the morning and Lapdog has taken her into his bedroom. I'm sure he'll be telling his friends Lapdog is fucking an older woman .If only he knew the truth.
Finally the room mate left and I changed into my domme clothes and lapdog stripped naked. We confirmed
 the safe word. Then we went to the bathroom

. I restrained his wrists , then using a long belt tied his arms above his head to the shower rail. I began be using my wooden spoon. The outline of the spoon getting very visible on his ass. Then I moved onto the paddle. Using my leg to open his legs wider so I could get to his inner thighs. This was more painful judging by his twists and cries and the redness of his bottom.
I followed this by the flogger. I've never used one before. So, this was a learning curve for me. I did a few gentle test ones first since its a little tricky to manoeuver. I did eventually get the hang of it and started doing it harsher. His back was getting covered with very angry looking welts so I moved lower and did his bottom and thighs. His body was starting to shake by now from the pain. Then I went to lash his inner thigh and one of the tails whacked him very hard between the legs. He screamed very loudly (thank god the room mate had left ). Then he shouted out the safe word for me to stop.

I released him from his restraints and he fell to his knees. I applied some cooling gel to body after.

Lapdog was very happy with the session. Myself however I found it lacking. I felt more like a slave master than a Mistress. I will continue our sessions though . Merely for curiosity if nothing else.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Taking freddys anal cherry

Today was the day freddy had been waiting for. It was the day Mistress Anna would finally take his anal cherry.
 We embrassed warmly when we met and as always he likes to pleasure his Mistress orally to a number of orgasms before she does anything to him.
After,he'd finished I restrained him spread eagled to the bed and began with some erotic teasing with the ice and heat. This was followed by the needling. Today, though was also another first for freddy. His first C & B torture. I promised to take it easy on him. I poked his cock and balls gently with the needle. He was pulling hard against the restraints and I'd constantly take him to point where he could take no more then stop. Then I'd rub his C & B with ice to cool them down and numb a little before doing it again. Then I took my cane and slapped his inner thighs and a couple of gentle ones to his cock.After I felt he'd been sufficiently punished I released him from his restraints and told him to sit on the edge of the bed. I went to the bathroom and returned wearing the strap on.

I ordered freddy to his knees and told him to suck my cock.I told him to take it deep in his mouth. I told him he was a cock sucking slut and pulled his hair as I told him to take it deeper into his mouth.
I ordered him to get on his knees on the bed and I restrained his arms to his legs so his ass was nicely presented to me.I lubed up my fingers and the cock. I slowly used my fingers to penetrate freddy until I could easily get four fingers up him. Then I placed one hand on his hip and used my other hand to guide the cock into his ass. I told him he was now my anal slut bitch and I owned him. I grabbed both hips with my hands and penetrated him deeply. I could hear him moan and gasp as I did it. Then I reached around and started to stroke his cock. We did this for some time , but I always stopped before he came.
Then I released freddy from his restraints. Turned him onto his back and straddled his erect cock. I rode his cock until we both cum. I don't normally get quite so intimate with my subs. But, I was having a sexual relationship with freddy before we started the domination so I'm comfortable incorporating both.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Granny Porn

Someone asked me the other day about granny porn. Hey I am all for it. If the granny's are having fun with the young studs way to go granny. Age should have no restrictions. Some granny porn photos for you


Monday, May 4, 2015

Adventures in Fetland

For the past few weeks I'd been flirting via email with another dominant I'd met on Fetlife. Neither of us had any desire to sub for the other. But, we were having some very hot steamy chats. Neither of us has a face pic on our profile page just body pics. The sexy chats were getting very intense, then Mr. I'm Game For Anything dares me to come around to his house and do these things for real. Not one to back down from a challenge I agree.
 I agreed to meet him on Sunday. It was a little scary. I'd never met him nor did I have any clue what he looked like. He didn't know what I looked like either though.
  I arrived at lunchtime and he greeted me at the door in his boxers. Thankfully he was good looking and he liked me also.
  We started passionately kissing as soon as he closed the front door. He led me to his bedroom, pinning me against the wall. Keeping me pinned there while he pulled off my clothes. Then when I was naked apart from my stockings he got down on his knees licking my pussy . Then I pushed him onto the bed pulled off his boxers and started sucking his cock. He licked and fucked me giving me multiple orgasms. Eventually finishing with him ejaculating on my stomach.
 It was great intense animalistic sex. I enjoyed it very much. Will it happen again I very much doubt it.