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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pantyboy J

One of my real life Pantyboys is named J. A couple of months ago i took Pantyboy J shopping to Walmart for panties. I purchased 2 pairs for him. A green pair and a pink pair. We were not sure of sizes. He was very nervous to meet me i think :)

After we took a drive to a quiet spot . J put on the panties and in the back of his truck i put him across my knee and spanked him.

On our second meeting a few weeks ago. We again drove to a quiet spot and i again spanked him. But, this time with a paddle and my hand. Then i bound his cock. We finished with him masturbating until he came for me.

For our next meeting he wants to be spanked very, very hard.

I do have some nice pics. But ,he's reluctant to let me put up yet .....

Friday, May 8, 2015

Flogging Lapdog

I'm in Lapdogs bedroom. We are sat on the bed waiting for his room mate to leave for work. I'm sure the room mate is curious as to why this older woman has turned up early in the morning and Lapdog has taken her into his bedroom. I'm sure he'll be telling his friends Lapdog is fucking an older woman .If only he knew the truth.
Finally the room mate left and I changed into my domme clothes and lapdog stripped naked. We confirmed
 the safe word. Then we went to the bathroom

. I restrained his wrists , then using a long belt tied his arms above his head to the shower rail. I began be using my wooden spoon. The outline of the spoon getting very visible on his ass. Then I moved onto the paddle. Using my leg to open his legs wider so I could get to his inner thighs. This was more painful judging by his twists and cries and the redness of his bottom.
I followed this by the flogger. I've never used one before. So, this was a learning curve for me. I did a few gentle test ones first since its a little tricky to manoeuver. I did eventually get the hang of it and started doing it harsher. His back was getting covered with very angry looking welts so I moved lower and did his bottom and thighs. His body was starting to shake by now from the pain. Then I went to lash his inner thigh and one of the tails whacked him very hard between the legs. He screamed very loudly (thank god the room mate had left ). Then he shouted out the safe word for me to stop.

I released him from his restraints and he fell to his knees. I applied some cooling gel to body after.

Lapdog was very happy with the session. Myself however I found it lacking. I felt more like a slave master than a Mistress. I will continue our sessions though . Merely for curiosity if nothing else.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Training Freddy

Artwork by Eric Stanton

As you all know Mistress Anna has a sub db. But, on occasion she likes to take new untrained subs and discipline and mould them into her obedient servants. This is about my new trainee sub freddy.

A little about freddy. He's a young man plays a sport professionally. Very muscular, toned with amazing stamina I must say. He chatted up Mistress Anna with a view to fucking her. (which he actually did do ). But, during our chats he expressed an interest in being a sub. So , hence began his training.

Our first session ,began with him being stripped and blindfolded. Then began the nipple torture , he gasped with the unexpected pain. Following that was the spanking. Ten hard spanks with a wooden spoon. His white bottom was very red and you could see the marks of the spoon on it.

By this point he was begging to surrender to me so I told him he was now Mistress Anna's Slutty bitch. I put on my latex gloves and anally penetrated him. My fingers going deeper and deeper until he had four fingers in him. We finished with him on his knees , Mistress Anna sat in a chair while the slutty slave boy  freddy licked me to orgasm.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Spanking. Something Mistress Anna does as a means of disciplining her subs ,sissies ,pantyboys. My favourite way is to put them over my knee wearing their sissy panties . Then pull down their panties, squeeze their cocks between my knees then spank them with my wooden hairbrush. I love to hear them squeal and struggle as their bottoms redden .  It truly shows them Mistress Anna is the boss.

Pics by Kami Tora


Pic by Barb

Pic By Underling