Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pantyboy J

One of my real life Pantyboys is named J. A couple of months ago i took Pantyboy J shopping to Walmart for panties. I purchased 2 pairs for him. A green pair and a pink pair. We were not sure of sizes. He was very nervous to meet me i think :)

After we took a drive to a quiet spot . J put on the panties and in the back of his truck i put him across my knee and spanked him.

On our second meeting a few weeks ago. We again drove to a quiet spot and i again spanked him. But, this time with a paddle and my hand. Then i bound his cock. We finished with him masturbating until he came for me.

For our next meeting he wants to be spanked very, very hard.

I do have some nice pics. But ,he's reluctant to let me put up yet .....

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Two Dommes and a Sub

So many things to tell you and no time to write it up.

A few weeks ago i was approached by a sub asking if i would be interested in getting together with him and his Domme. I spoke to Freddy and he was really eager. So, we set up a meeting at her home for wine and conversation. Both subs were late so this gave me an opportunity to get to know Miss Rose. We got on extremely well as did the subs when everyone arrived.
Unfortunately Freddy couldn't stay long ,he had a prior commitment. After Freddy left the other sub invited me upstairs to look at their toys. so the three of us went upstairs. Of course looking at toys progressed to playing with them . Which then led to us both dominating him. It finished with Miss Rose pegging him and myself titty fucking him at the same time. Lucky sub  :)

We did  have had a proper play party a few days later. Which is another story.