Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Slave Contract

One of my subs wanted us to have a slave contract. This is the one he found and we signed.
Mistress Anna
Mistress Anna , hereinafter referred to as "Owner" or "Mistress", hereby binds this contract with Her signature and the signature of RON , hereinafter referred to as "slave" in this Submission Contract.  Said Contract refers to total dominance and control of Owner in Her relationship with said slave.
The purpose of the servant contract is very important to instill the security of Ownership and all that such servitude implies.  The contract is a measure of control.  This contract is written to make clear the expectations of Owner and the consequences for failure to live up to this agreement.  The contract is a reminder of the many duties and responsibilities of a live-in slave.
This contract is provided as a secure and binding agreement which defines in specific terms the relationship and interaction between the slave and the Mistress.  This agreement is binding.  This agreement must be entered voluntarily, but cannot be broken except under the conditions stated herein, after which certain precautions shall be taken to protect those involved.
Symbols of Ownership include collar/cuff upon signing this Contract, and any other future marks or tokens Owner may wish to bestow.  Symbols of Ownership are visible reminders of status and should be worn with pride.  They signify control and the lifestyle chosen by slave.
Duties of Servitude:
Above all, it is the duty of the slave to please.
Personal Duties:
Ø       physical/emotional needs of Owner
Ø       amusement
Ø       sexual toy/plaything
Ø       physical comfort
Ø       obedience
Ø       honesty
Ø       loyalty
Ø       waiting on Owner as desired and needed
Household Duties:
Ø       cleaning and keeping the home straightened
Ø       laundry
Ø       shopping
Ø       cooking
Ø       run errands as needed
Ø       repairs and home improvements
Any task assigned is considered permanent.
Daily Routine:
Routine will be flexible to allow slave to adjust and conform as required to Owner’s needs.
The general established daily routine includes:
Wake-up, breakfast, chores, break, chores, lunch, chores, 1 hour break, dinner prep and cooking, dinner, 1 hour relax, dinner clean up, groom and service Mistress, evening snack and TV or computer time, bedtime.
The slave should show an attitude of respect at all times.  Disrespect is a serious offense and will be punished severely.
Respect includes:
Manner of speech, promptness, kneeling to serve, proper answers, obedience, loyalty, and honesty.  Respect and obedience are the two most important aspects of attitude the servant shall show at all times. Failure will be punished.
Behavior in Private:
Slave shall address Owner as  Mistress ANNA at all times without fail.  Slave shall pay full attention to Owner when spoken to.  Owner is more important than any other activity the slave may be engaged in.  The slave shall sit, stand, walk, kneel, and lay where, when and how Owner desires.  Slave shall stay in bed at night unless permission is granted to do otherwise.  The slave shall not remove any restraint device for any other reason than an emergency.
Slave will at all times while in Owner’s home be dressed either in male slave attire or shorts/boxers/sweat pants, or is to remain naked for Owner’s viewing pleasure.
Behavior in Public:
The slave shall address Owner as Ma'am at all times when there is not enough privacy to use the aforementioned titles, or as Nancy in a vanilla setting.  The slave shall remain within eyesight of Owner unless permission is given to do otherwise.  The slave shall be courteous and prompt at all times, showing Owner full respect.   The slave shall dress as Owner desires.  The slave shall not argue or complain when in public with Owner.  Slave will walk beside or slightly behind Mistress, except to precede Mistress for opening doors for Her, and shall carry all parcels and purchases.
House Rules:
Ø       If slave wishes to enjoy the use of the computer he will ask for a specific time that he wishes to do so.   Permission will be by grant of Owner and slave will stop using the computer within 10 minutes after that time set by Owner unless an extension is asked for and granted.  If Owner is not at home or unavailable, slave may be permitted to engage in this or other recreation activities. Any chores, commands or cleaning that need to be done will take preference over recreation activity except in the case of a need for break.
Ø       Slave will confirm with Mistress before disposing of anything he feels is garbage unless the item is one previously identified as something not requiring confirmation.
Ø       Slave will prepare recycling items in the manner Mistress teaches, by breaking down boxes, and crushing down cans and plastic bottles.
Ø       Slave will not pester Mistress with chatter when she first awakens.
Ø       Slave will address the female guests of Mistress as Lady to show the proper respect to women.
Ø       Should Mistress and slave move to a house, slave will make certain that items disposed of are in the proper bins, blue bin, green bin, and garbage.
Ø       Slave will not sit, lie on, or use the furniture without the express permission of Mistress.  Cushions will be provided for slave's use.
Ø       Slave’s place is at Mistress’s feet and will sit or kneel on provided cushions.
Ø       Slave is not permitted to wear any jewelry in Mistress's presence, other than a religious symbol, or jewelry provided by Mistress.
Ø       Slave will not answer the door or phone unless specifically instructed to do so.
Ø       Slave's vocabulary will be creative and amusing and should include tasteful compliments for Mistress.
Ø       If slave's collar has been removed while outside of the house, slave will retrieve it and hold it out in a serving manner while kneeling so Mistress can reattach it.
Ø       If Mistress is relaxing, slave will ensure that the room is comfortable, including lighting, music, candles, etc.
Ø       If guests are present, slave will ensure that all are comfortable and served appropriately.
Ø       Slave will be attentive to Mistress's comfort in domestic service or outings at all times.  slave will anticipate Mistress's needs. Training is to make life easier for your Goddess.
Ø       When slave is with Mistress, slave will ask permission to be excused for whatever reason. If told to tend to a task, slave will do so, then return to Mistress's feet immediately after.
Ø       Mistress has the right to enjoy the entirety of slave's body including his hands, mouth and sexual organs and each and every other part of him. Mistress is entitled to receive intimate attentions without limitation.
Ø       Slave has the right to request to speak freely, but respectfully, without fear of punishment.
Ø       Slave will inform Mistress promptly if he breaks any of Mistress’s rules, and note the infraction in his log.
All requests for major expenditures will be submitted to Owner for approval.  Any expenditure over $50.00 will be completely subject to the approval of Owner prior to purchase unless said item may be returned for a full refund.
Allowance will be set by Owner and distributed to slave as She sees fit.
Owner will evaluate slave’s needs and expenditures and create a monthly budget to allow for slave’s bills and expenses, Christmas and birthday allowance, and pocket money allowance.  Slave will be expected to maintain timely and accurate entries in the budget to track income and expenditures.  Where possible, Owner will see to contributions to RRSP’s for slave, and will see to the completion of tax returns for slave.
Slave hereby acknowledges that Owner's authority supercedes his in any decision including but not limited to travel plans, visitations, activities, chores, recreation, monetary expenses or expenditures, obligations, managements, diets, readings, processes, consumptions, priorities, communications or any otherwise alternative decision.  Owner will solely determine the residence, including city, county, province and/or country of residence for said slave.  Slave’s input and opinions will be sought for major decisions and taken into consideration by Owner, but final decision will rest entirely on the will of Owner.
Friends and Relatives:
All friends and relatives of Owner will be treated with the utmost respect.  No anger, argument, condescension, criticism, insult or lack of courtesy will be tolerated.  Slave hereby agrees to refrain from any insult or criticism of any of Owner's friends or relatives, their culture, attributes, background, class, heritage, or nationality, or any conceived notion detrimental to their status.  Owner may provide lodging for any friend, relative or partner She wishes.  Permission is required from Owner if slave has the desire to provide lodging for any friend, relative or partner.  Any disobedience from this rule will be the cause of serious punishment
Punishment will be given for the following offenses:
Ø       Going anywhere without permission and/or threatening to do so
Ø       Cockiness or rudeness
Ø       Drinking/drugs without permission
Ø       Disobedience
Ø       Lying
Ø       Failure to complete assigned duties
The slave shall perform the confession ritual once a month and be punished accordingly.  Failure will be punished.  Slave shall be provided with a book that slave will use as a diary to record offenses, document punishments and rewards, and review regularly to remind himself the value of good behaviour.
Special training activities include:
Owner's complete control in Her use of surprise discipline, cage/bondage time, cleaning, servant feeding, retraining.
Slave will execute slave positions on a daily basis, until all positions are learned and can be executed without having to think about them:
Ø       Position 1 - Worship:  slave will kneel with head bowed to the floor, hands under forehead
Ø       Position 2 - Greeting:  slave will kneel to kiss My feet
Ø       Position 3 - Inspection:  slave will stand straight with hands behind head for inspection
Ø       Position 4 - Footstool:  slave will get on all fours in "footstool" position
Ø       Position 5 - Request:  slave will kneel with back straight, hands on thighs, eyes down, for the purpose of requesting something from his Mistress
Ø       Position 6 - Confession:  slave will kneel with confession book open and held in front, head bowed to perform the  confession ritual
Ø       Position 7 - Grovel:  if slave has misbehaved or broken a rule, slave will kneel with head bowed to the floor, arms extended in front of him, one hand reaching to touch Mistress's foot, and shall beg forgiveness for his transgressions
Progress Reports:
Owner will prepare progress reports on the training of the slave as She desires.
Orgasm Control:
Slave is to achieve orgasm ONLY by permission of Owner.  Slave's orgasms will be controlled for proper training of slave, teaching slave good habits, providing motivation, physical and sexual energy.  Owner will allow slave reward upon permission.  Such permission shall not be unduly denied, or denied for an unreasonable period of time.  Any chastity device worn by slave shall not have spikes or other implements that would cause pain or physical harm to slave.
Mild punishments can include:
Ø       loss of privileges
Ø       forced silence of up to six hours
Ø       denied permission to touch Mistress's feet, legs or body for 1 hour
Ø       denial of activities slave enjoys for 2 days
Ø       going to bed early
Ø       time-outs
Ø       not being permitted to sleep in bed with Mistress, must sleep in kitty bed on floor (1 night)
Ø       mild spanking/whipping or slaps
Medium punishments can include:
Ø       loss of privileges
Ø       forced silence for a full day
Ø       denied permission to touch Mistress's feet, legs or body for 1 hour
Ø       denial of activities slave enjoys for 4-6 days
Ø       going to bed early for several nights
Ø       time-outs
Ø       not being permitted to sleep in bed with Mistress, must sleep in kitty bed on floor (2-4 nights)
Ø       medium spanking/whipping or slaps
Ø       loss of outings with Mistress for one week
Severe punishments can include:
Ø       loss of privileges
Ø       forced silence for a full day
Ø       denied permission to touch Mistress's feet, legs or body for 2-3 days
Ø       denial of activities slave enjoys for 4-6 days
Ø       going to bed early for several nights
Ø       time-outs
Ø       not being permitted to sleep in bed with Mistress, must sleep in kitty bed on floor (one week)
Ø       hard spanking/whipping or slaps
Ø       loss of outings with Mistress for two weeks
Ø       not being permitted to perform slave duties or give Mistress proper respect for a number of days
May include:
Ø       Shoe/hosiery shopping with Mistress and being permitted to pick out a pair.
Ø       A night out to dinner with Mistress.
Ø       A special gift such as a charm for collar, a new item of clothing, etc.
Ø       A new collar of fancy design for special occasions.
Ø       A specific sexual act that slave desires.
Ø       A special play-date including another man.
Ø       A new sexual toy of slave's choice.
Drinking and Drugs:
Slave is allowed to drink alcohol or use recreational drugs only with explicit permission from Owner, when and where and how much She permits.  Drinking will be permitted when going out to eat, limited to 1-3 drinks with permission.  Slave may attend bars, etc., only with Owner, or with Her permission to go with anyone else.  Slave must ask permission for each and every drink.
Social Contact:
Slave is allowed to write, visit and talk to any family member as long as it does not interfere with his servitude.  Slave is allowed to write, visit and talk to friends as long as it does not interfere with his servitude.  All such contact will be monitored by Owner.  These are privileges, not rights, and should be appreciated.
Duties of Ownership:
Mistress shall accept responsibility for slave and shall provide for the needs of slave.  These needs may include but are not limited to:
Ø       clothing
Ø       monthly bills (cell phone, car insurance, etc)
Ø       shelter
Ø       medical costs and needs
Ø       transportation
Ø       groceries
Ø       a safe and loving environment
Ø       mental, physical and emotional needs
Slave Oath:
The slave agrees to submit completely to the Mistress in all ways.  There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which the slave may willfully refuse to obey the directive of the Mistress without risking punishment, except in situations which may put either the slave or the Mistress or anyone else in harm’s way.
Ø       I will dress in what the Mistress demands or remain completely nude.
Ø       I will be used sexually over and over and anytime Mistress decides.
Ø       I will be bound, chained or locked and kept secure when needed.
Ø       I will be used by Mistress and whom She decides to use me or have me please.
Ø       I will belong to Mistress as property and a slave.
Ø       I cannot change my Mistress.
Ø       I will serve Mistress’s friends when She so directs.
Ø       I will need to cook for Mistress and Her friends when directed.
Ø       I will pleasure Mistress when told to.
Ø       My cock will belong to Mistress and be used as Mistress decides.
Ø       I will be treated as the slave I agree to be and be made to feel like the slave I am.
Ø       I am not allowed to marry, I am the lifetime bitch of Mistress, I am not allowed to leave Mistress or be with anyone else ever again unless Mistress tells me to be used or please others that Mistress sees fit.
Ø       I am the property of Mistress and She owns my body, mind, freedom, and freewill.
Ø       I will not have any physical contact, sexual or otherwise, with any woman other than my Mistress, unless specifically directed by my Mistress.
Ø       I am property, and as such, I own nothing.  All my possessions and money now belong to my Mistress.
Owner Oath:
Ø       I will not tolerate anyone abusing or attempting to order My slave without My consent and will immediately address such abuse or attempts to order My slave.
Ø       I will attend to all financial requirements of My slave during the time My slave resides with Me, ensuring My slave has adequate food, clothing, medical care, and bills are paid.
Ø       I will, to the best of My ability, ensure the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of My slave.
Ø       I will, without fail, allow My slave time off to attend to family emergencies, and shall offer whatever emotional support My slave may require and/or go with My slave to offer whatever assistance might be required, pending the nature of the emergency.
Ø       I will train My slave to be a good pet, punishing only as necessary and offering praise and reward when My slave performs well.
Ø       I will not abuse My power over My slave or mistreat My slave in any way.
Ø       I will never order My slave to do anything he would find morally or ethically abhorrent, or to do anything illegal.
Ø       I will employ the use of safe words to ensure that during physical play/punishment that slave is not injured nor boundries exceded.
Ø       I will ensure that no less than twice per year, My slave is provided with a male play partner, and ordered to perform oral sex upon him, among other sexual acts that slave desires.
This Contract is valid from this day until 6 months has passed, and then it may be renewed or renegotiated if Owner and/or slave feel it needs to be reviewed and updated. At that time, the slave will receive a new contract.
Accepted, understood and agreed to this _Jan________ day of ____01_____________, 20_16_____
 Mistress Anna
_______________________________________________________________, Owner
I have read and fully understand this contract in its entirety.  I agree to give my body, mind, future, and freewill to my Owner, and further accept Her claim of ownership over my physical body.  I understand that I will be commanded and trained and punished as a slave, and I promise to be true to and to fulfill the pleasures and desires of my Mistress to the best of my abilities. I understand that I cannot withdraw from this contract except as stated in this contract.
By signing this i hereby give my freewill up and adopt the will of my Owner, Mistress Anna Evans.
_________________________________Ron ______________________________, slave
Owner will voice Her compliment, respect and love for same at all times