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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pantyboy J

One of my real life Pantyboys is named J. A couple of months ago i took Pantyboy J shopping to Walmart for panties. I purchased 2 pairs for him. A green pair and a pink pair. We were not sure of sizes. He was very nervous to meet me i think :)

After we took a drive to a quiet spot . J put on the panties and in the back of his truck i put him across my knee and spanked him.

On our second meeting a few weeks ago. We again drove to a quiet spot and i again spanked him. But, this time with a paddle and my hand. Then i bound his cock. We finished with him masturbating until he came for me.

For our next meeting he wants to be spanked very, very hard.

I do have some nice pics. But ,he's reluctant to let me put up yet .....

Monday, August 10, 2015

Pantyboy Joe

Picture is from

Pantyboy Joe is one of Mistress Anna's online subs. He contacted me through my blog about 6 months ago. He had an interest in being a pantyboy but didn't have the courage to begin. Mistress Anna sent him out shopping as his first mission to buy panties. It took him a couple of tries but eventually he bought then. Then he had to put them on and take photos for me. Poor pantyboy has nothing to put in the thong. His cock is so tiny and useless. Its more like a girls clitty. He really does look like a sissy. He was given further missions to masturbate and cum for me on demand and other times told to be either chaste or sometimes able to touch but no orgasm. He knows his cock and cum belong to me now.

Over the past few months he has progressed to also wearing a bra and hose and last month he had to eat his own cum for me. I think my sissy pantyboy is making wonderful progress

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dirty Panties

Now, you saw Mr. Wonder featured in an earlier post wearing my panties

Well he got very aroused wearing my panties and got the crotch wet with pre cum
So, I rubbed the pre cum covered crotch over my nipple
Then I made him suck it off my nipples

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Men In Panties

Henry was 50 years old. He'd always had a fetish for wearing ladies panties. He had 2 pairs. A pair of pink silky ones and a black lacy pair. He would wear them under his work suit when he went to work and under his jeans when he had leisure time. Henrys only problem was that his girlfriend didn't know. He was always careful to take them off and hide them when he knew she would be visiting.

This arrangement worked perfectly until Matilda brought up the subject of moving in together.  Henry had a plan to hide the panties in the garage and just wear them when Matilda was out. This worked well until one day Matilda came home early and caught Henry admiring himself in the bedroom mirror wearing them. Henry was very red faced and Matilda at first shocked.

Then Matilda grabbed him roughly by the hair and dragged him to the kitchen. She made Henry stand there whilst she took a wooden spoon out of the drawer.  She pulled out the kitchen chair ,grabbed Henrys hair and pulled him over her knee as she sat down.. She then proceeded to spank Henry with the wooden spoon. Telling him he was a naughty Pantyboy for putting on panties without permission. Henry's bottom was so red and painful. Every spank sent fiery pain throughout his body.

Matilda then ordered Henry to go upstairs strip naked and sit in the corner of the bedroom. Henry sat there a long ,long time not knowing what to expect. Henry heard Matilda go into the bathroom ,then she summoned him. On entering the bathroom he saw something in Matilda's hand. She said Henry your a sissyboy and only real men have pubic hair. So,
she proceeded to shave Henry bald, then commented that now he looked like a slutty sissyboy and that he was hers to use as she pleased. The next morning Matilda told him he had to dress in her used dirty panties. Your just a dirty slut Henry and so you have to wear dirty slutty panties. So, Henry did that day and every other day after.

Mr Wonder wearing my Panties

Sunday, March 15, 2015


What is a Panty boy. Its a man who likes to wear women's underwear. Mainly panties. Now as you know Anna loves Pantyboys. I just love seeing men in panties they look so hot. Its a real turn on for me. I even like them to fuck me wearing panties. Especially if they are wearing my panties similar to ones I'm wearing above.
Are Pantyboys sissy boys. That one is probably split. Some are sissys yes and other are just masculine men who like to wear them.
What is the attraction. I've heard many responses to this question. Firstly woman wear them. They look pretty. They feel soft and silky against my skin. They squeeze my cock and balls giving me a nice sensation. I want to look like a girl. There are many more I maybe haven't mentioned.

Anna loves to have Pantyboys parade in front of her in their panties . Then stand there while she slides their cocks out of them. Sometimes putting them across my lap and spanking their cute panty clad bottoms. Other times lying them on the floor straddling them and pulling my panties aside so I can  slide their throbbing cocks into me

A cute t-shirt I found on cafepress online

Pantyboy T-Shirt