Monday, March 2, 2015

Oral Sex

How to have oral sex if your gymnasts.

Looks absolutely amazing.



Below are some different ways to have oral sex. I haven't tried them all but I'm willing to give them all a go

This one is called the Cliffhanger

Sit on the edge of the bed and lay back with your legs draped over the edge. When he kneels between your legs, his head will be angled down towards your vagina, giving him direct access to your clitoris. This one also leaves his hands free to play with your nipples or finger you for double pleasure. (This one I have tried)

This one is called Oral Doggy

Not only is this a totally hot oral position that puts you in control of the angle and pressure, it's also a good segue into the world of anilingus, if that's something you're into.( This is one that my sissy boys and girls do )

The Sidecar

.Lay on your sides facing each other, then slide down until his penis is, well, in your face. Call it the lazy woman's blow job. This position is the best way to give him pleasure without killing your knees or getting a major neck cramp, and you can also get saucy by reaching around to play with his back door. (this one I've done many,many times )

So far so good

Have your guy lie upside down on the couch, with his back and head on the seat and his legs draped over the back. Kneel over his face, facing the back of the couch. Then bend over and 69 away. Much more relaxing than an awkward, limb-flailing 69 in bed, isn't it. (this is the one I haven't done. So,its on my too do list wink wink )


Anonymous said...

Cliffhanger is my absolute favorite. Gives great access and control without the need for pitons.

anna louise said...

My favourite too Rev. Unusual for us to agree on something haha. Although I do like oral doggy . I will to find someone to try out so far so good

anna louise said...

PS - I had to goggle pitons obviously I know nothing about mountain climbing

Ophelia said...

I'm embarrassed to say I've never had anyone lick me. I have on occasion had my husbands thing in my mouth but he has never gone down between my legs.

anna louise said...

Never be embarrassed Ophelia . We all like different things. Life is a journey to be explored at your own pace. If you feel it's something you'd like to try add it to your to do list. If not just say not for me