Friday, November 20, 2015

Mistress Anna and a Female submissive

WOW. What a meeting last night. I've had many sexual experiences in my life but that was unbelievable. The chemistry between the 4 of us was electric. Poor Freddy was blown away. Poor guy had a throbbing erection and wild dreams that kept him awake all night. He text me at 6am to ask if I enjoyed it as much as him . YES, I really did.

We met them in Masters K's Penthouse hotel Suite. Beautiful view, expensive wine. We changed and sat to enjoy wine with them before retiring to the bedroom. Master K had brought a few toys with him including a Perseus Flogger. I had his sub bend over and pulled down her pantyhose and pink panties. Then with my hand I started to spank her lovely white cheeks until they turned a lovely pink colour. Then I progressed to a paddle her cute rump getting very red. Finally I got to use Perseus. What a lovely swing and thud he has. Her cheeks starting to turn very crimson and angry looking. Eventually she begged for mercy.
 I kissed her sweet cheek's.  Then turned her onto her back. I took the riding crop and whipped her nipples. Then leaning forward I sucked and pinched and bit her nipples. Then I moved the crop down and pushed her legs open. I slapped her pussy a few times I could see it was getting her wet. I slid my fingers inside her wet pussy and then licked and bit her clit until she came and gushed all over my fingers. I pulled my fingers out and had her lick them clean. The guys are stood watching with throbbing erections.

More to come ........


jen smith said...

Throbbing cocks? I'll bet those guys cock's were throbbing!

Nothing beats eating out a nice wet pussy to an orgasm - MmmmmHmmmmm! A close second may be watching two women doing in the act!

I love that you like to bite. The mouth can both tease and torture, and those go so great together. I absolutley love the combination of being on the edge then being bitten down there. Rinse and repeate until too sore to cum? :-D

bdenied said...

I am usually not a fan of women being dominated but this was highly erotic and a very enjoyable read that left me with a very pleasant visual image of this and my image is a very sensual one. I would like to have watched!!!!