Monday, March 23, 2015

Lingerie from Secrets In Lace

One of my favourite lingerie sites is Secrets In Lace. I love their retro style underwear,corsets , baby dolls and of course stockings. These are some photo's of my new leopard print bra of them. Also, of a purple babydoll set I've had some time.
These following Pics are of some of my favourite items from the new collection available now
Love the contrasting blue and red colours on this .Also, a lovely design on the garter belt.
Of course I love leopard print. I think this one looks very Marilyn Monroe with brown colour stockings and corset. Just love it.
This one looks so sweet and innocent. Just like me (smiles sweetly). I love the all white look.
Do you have a favourite?  Blue/Red, Leopard Print, White.


Reverend Hornibastard said...

My favorite underwear, by far, is none.

It's cheap!

It's easy to keep clean!

And best of all, it doesn't bind or gather!

Ophelia said...

I love the blue and red outfit. It is just beautiful. I am not familiar with that company can you email me the link please Anna.

anna louise said...

You just don't want to buy your beautiful ladies any

anna louise said...

I will send you that link phone fell in the kitchen sink and had a swim , so, I've been without one