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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Two Dommes and Three Subs

Back in August. I went to a BDSM Playparty. Just a small gathering. Myself another Domme Miss Rose and 3 male subs. It was held at her house. Her subs I will call sissy M and sissy T. I took along Freddy with me. I arrived with Freddy and they were already dressed the sissies already serving their Mistress in many ways. Freddy and myself went to the bedroom and changed . Having a few kisses and cuddles while we changed. This was Freddys first play party and judging by his erect cock he was very excited. The panties id put on him were straining in the front. We went to join the others in the living room and Freddy immediately got on his knees and started to pleasure me. So, the scene you should have in your mind is myself and  Miss Rose sat on the sofa. Freddy between my legs, Sissy M between hers and Sissy T suckling her breasts and sometimes coming over to give mine some attention.
After a couple of orgasms and some wine we decided to take the play to the bedroom.
Freddy and Sissy M lay next to each other on the bed. We began by wrapping their cocks and balls and torturing them just a little. Then I did a demonstration of sounding on Freddy. She wanted to learn so I spent a little time teaching her. ( she has since bought a sound and now uses it on her subs ).
Then they were ordered on their knees and were spanked. Naughty boys and Sissys need to be spanked. Then she swapped Sissys and Sissy T got on his knees and we both spanked him. Then I put on my gloves and gave some to her. She had never done a prostrate massage. So another demonstration was needed. Then we used some anal toys on them. She had an interesting inflatable dildo with an adjustable vibration control. I tried it out on Freddy and it drove him wild. I loved it. I have since purchased one .Then with Sissy M's help we put on our Strap on's. It was quite a sight us stood next to each other wearing them. Then we both entered our subs asses at the same time. Freddy had wanted to try something but was really nervous. Hes not bisexual, but feels bi-curious . He wanted to have a man stroke his cock. So, when he was kneeling there at my mercy I told him Sissy M was going to stroke his cock. I could feel his body tense up immediately but he allowed him to do it. He just did it for a minute or two. Freddy admitted after it was a weird experience to know a man had his erect penis in his hand. ( in the near future Freddy wants me to take his hand and have us stroke a mans penis together).
Then we washed off the dildos and changed subs. So,she was with Freddy and I was with Sissy M. It was such a turn on watching her enter Freddy and he admitted he was aroused watching me enter Sissy M.  ( this at a later date turned into a chat about getting together with swingers. That's another story or two or three ). Then she ordered her sissys to play with each other while we watched. They are both bi. They stood in front of us sucking each others cocks and fucking each other, while we lay on the bed and Freddy gave our pussies some attention. Then it was time for Freddy and myself to leave. So I pushed Freddy onto his back on rode his lovely cock. Her subs either side of me suckling my breasts. It didn't take long for him to explode inside me. When we were dressing after he said hed never had sex in front of other people and was surprised how exciting it was having people watch.
Ive been invited to a big Play Party on November 14th. So, stay tuned for that .

Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Afternoon sex romp

Last Friday i got together with someone i haven't seen for over a year.He's a lawyer and we did used to meet regularly once a week at one time.But,we had some issues and eventually we stopped seeing each other.Anyway he had emailed me at the beginning of last week asking if i fancied meeting.He said he was having dreams about the taste of my pussy and he desperately needed to do it for real to alleviate them.So,i agreed to meet him.Not,because i believed a word of the bullshit he was feeding me.I wasn't born yesterday and i know when im being spun a line by someone just wanting a quick romp in the sack.But,i did remember that sex with him was exceptionally good.We did gel together very well.It was other things we couldn't agree on.So,i really did quite fancy a quick romp myself with him.

We met in the hotel lobby,had a few drinks at the bar and then went up his room.He's very tall and im quite short.So,i have to go on tip toes just to kiss him.He lifted me up and sat me on the desk in the room.Then he pulled off my pink shirt.I was wearing a white bra and he kissed the mounds of my breasts.Then he undid my bra and stroked them.He squeezed my breasts in his hands and suckled hard on my nipples.They responded by standing out like hard buttons.

He pushed me back on the dresser and pulled down my black pants revealing my white panties.He pulled me to the edge of the desk so my bum was by the edge.

Then he opened my legs and started licking my inner thighs and around the edge of my panties.He kept asking me if this was getting me wet.I kept saying yes your getting me soaked .

He was still fully dressed up until now.Then he took off his shirt and navy blue pants.He had a pair of orange/red boxers on.He left the boxers on and came back to me.He slipped of my panties and then pushed my legs wide apart.He licked slowly down my slit,flicking my clitty with his tongue.Then he teased me by flicking around my hole before pushing his tongue deep inside me.It felt so good i couldn't stop myself from cummin.I did try to hold back a little.But,the sensations were too strong and eventually couldn't stop it any longer.

He lifted me off the desk and carried me to the bed.Yes he is a big strong man.

He pulled off his boxers and put on a condom.

He lifted my legs over his shoulders and just plunged his cock deep into me.He was pounding my pussy really hard and my head was hitting the headboard.We were quite noisy.Between the noise of the bed,him grunting and me moaning.I got aroused really quickly again,but managed to hold back this time until i could tell he was cummin.So,we could orgasm together.He went to the bathroom after and removed the condom then got back onto the bed.We cuddled and kissed and then i was feeling horny again.So,i licked down his chest to his cock and started sucking his sticking cum covered cock.He responded quicker than i thought and i could feel him getting harder im my mouth quite quickly.I managed to get him hard enough so i could put another condom on him and ride him again.I came again and amazingly so did he

Pic of me after I'd showered before leaving the hotel room