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Friday, August 28, 2015

Meet Mrs Smith

It seems lately i have this evolving relationship with Freddy. We have become very close and he has shared many things with me. We often spend times just cuddling and being lovers with no submissive activities at all. The problem i was finding with that is that i was then finding it hard to hurt him during kinky play. I found myself asking him if i was hurting him . What the heck that's the whole point of it. Anyway in order to get away from that i decided we'd do role play.

For role play i would start out being mommy. So, we began with mommy being angry about something he'd done at school. Mommy sent him to the corner to face the wall. Then she told him to crawl back and told him to put on panties, but leave his now erect cock out. Mommy then stroked it between her stockinged feet. Then she pulled him up by his hair and told him to get over her knee. Then she pulled down the panties and spanked him hard.  After mommy felt bad and told him to come and lie on the bed with her. Mommy breastfed him like when he was a baby and she let him lick her private parts. Then mommy cuddled him sleep. Mommy then left and decided since she couldn't discipline him properly then she would need to get someone who would.

I then went to the bathroom and changed outfits.

Freddy's high school teacher then entered the room. He had given me the names of a few people prior so i could use the real names of people. For the purpose of the story i will call her Mrs Smith. Mrs Smith came into the room and put a blindfold on Freddy before dragging him out of bed. She roughly cuffed his hands behind his back and bend him over the chair before using the flogger on him. She then pushed him onto his knees and taunted his girly cock. Telling him the girls at school just make fun of it. Then restraining him on the bed. She used the sound on him , followed by tightly binding his cock and torturing it. She took photos of it all bound up and said she was sending to the boys on the football team for them to laugh at. After undoing the bindings Mrs Smith started to peg Freddy's ass. Again taunting him. Then Mrs Smith took off her strap on and inserted an anal vibrator into Freddy. She told him that prior to coming to his room she'd been having sex with the school bully who Freddy hated. We did use real names to make it more realistic. Then Mrs Smith sat on Freddy's face and told him he had to eat all the bully's cum out of her. Freddy struggled a lot but eventually did as he was told. Finally , with the anal vibrator still in Freddy, she gagged him, rode his cock and tortured his nipples until they both came.