Friday, October 9, 2015

Anal Fisting

A long time since my last post. Such a lot has happened. I actually ended things with Freddy at the beginning of September and actually took him back last Saturday.
During our time apart i actually took on 2 new subs.
One of them i will call sloppy ass.
So,sloppy ass is in his early 40's a very experienced sub. Totally into large anal objects and pee play. On our first meeting i dressed him nice and sissy and put a nice pink wig on him. Then i peed into a dog bowl and had him drink. We did a little cock wrapping and spanking before i began on anal play. His ass muscles are so loose i went from 2 fingers to my fist in 5 minutes. I slid my fist deep inside him as far as it would go. My fingers touching the back of his rectum.
This is my fist inside him

I fisted him for 20 minutes until he came. Then we cuddled and after he licked me to several orgasms. Before we left he lay in the bathtub and i gave him a pee bath.