Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Afternoon sex romp

Last Friday i got together with someone i haven't seen for over a year.He's a lawyer and we did used to meet regularly once a week at one time.But,we had some issues and eventually we stopped seeing each other.Anyway he had emailed me at the beginning of last week asking if i fancied meeting.He said he was having dreams about the taste of my pussy and he desperately needed to do it for real to alleviate them.So,i agreed to meet him.Not,because i believed a word of the bullshit he was feeding me.I wasn't born yesterday and i know when im being spun a line by someone just wanting a quick romp in the sack.But,i did remember that sex with him was exceptionally good.We did gel together very well.It was other things we couldn't agree on.So,i really did quite fancy a quick romp myself with him.

We met in the hotel lobby,had a few drinks at the bar and then went up his room.He's very tall and im quite short.So,i have to go on tip toes just to kiss him.He lifted me up and sat me on the desk in the room.Then he pulled off my pink shirt.I was wearing a white bra and he kissed the mounds of my breasts.Then he undid my bra and stroked them.He squeezed my breasts in his hands and suckled hard on my nipples.They responded by standing out like hard buttons.

He pushed me back on the dresser and pulled down my black pants revealing my white panties.He pulled me to the edge of the desk so my bum was by the edge.

Then he opened my legs and started licking my inner thighs and around the edge of my panties.He kept asking me if this was getting me wet.I kept saying yes your getting me soaked .

He was still fully dressed up until now.Then he took off his shirt and navy blue pants.He had a pair of orange/red boxers on.He left the boxers on and came back to me.He slipped of my panties and then pushed my legs wide apart.He licked slowly down my slit,flicking my clitty with his tongue.Then he teased me by flicking around my hole before pushing his tongue deep inside me.It felt so good i couldn't stop myself from cummin.I did try to hold back a little.But,the sensations were too strong and eventually couldn't stop it any longer.

He lifted me off the desk and carried me to the bed.Yes he is a big strong man.

He pulled off his boxers and put on a condom.

He lifted my legs over his shoulders and just plunged his cock deep into me.He was pounding my pussy really hard and my head was hitting the headboard.We were quite noisy.Between the noise of the bed,him grunting and me moaning.I got aroused really quickly again,but managed to hold back this time until i could tell he was cummin.So,we could orgasm together.He went to the bathroom after and removed the condom then got back onto the bed.We cuddled and kissed and then i was feeling horny again.So,i licked down his chest to his cock and started sucking his sticking cum covered cock.He responded quicker than i thought and i could feel him getting harder im my mouth quite quickly.I managed to get him hard enough so i could put another condom on him and ride him again.I came again and amazingly so did he

Pic of me after I'd showered before leaving the hotel room

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Cock Binding

Last week Freddy had expressed an interest in doing something new. So ,i suggested we do more cock torture. So ,I decided to do some cock binding. The above pics are not of Freddy but of a previous sub who's pics I have permission to put up.
Back to Freddy. I took a very long shoe lace and after teasing his cock to get a nice erection. I began to bind it tightly going up his shaft and then back down before tying it off. I checked his balls to make sure his circulation was still good. Then I straddled his face backwards and sat on him. Telling him to lick my pussy while I bent forward and teased his cock. I did this for 10 minutes and then undid the bindings. Didn't want to overdo it on his first time.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Pantyboy Joe

Picture is from

Pantyboy Joe is one of Mistress Anna's online subs. He contacted me through my blog about 6 months ago. He had an interest in being a pantyboy but didn't have the courage to begin. Mistress Anna sent him out shopping as his first mission to buy panties. It took him a couple of tries but eventually he bought then. Then he had to put them on and take photos for me. Poor pantyboy has nothing to put in the thong. His cock is so tiny and useless. Its more like a girls clitty. He really does look like a sissy. He was given further missions to masturbate and cum for me on demand and other times told to be either chaste or sometimes able to touch but no orgasm. He knows his cock and cum belong to me now.

Over the past few months he has progressed to also wearing a bra and hose and last month he had to eat his own cum for me. I think my sissy pantyboy is making wonderful progress

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Whats your biggest sin

I was reading a story yesterday and it asked "what was your biggest sin".

Im not sure personally about what mine would be.Probably too many to confess to.
Although there are only two things i did that really still haunt me that i wish i hadnt done and those were because i really hurt people i cared about.

1-My best friend through high school was a boy called Keith.I trusted him and told him everything.He was honestly my best friend ever.I did know that he was in love with me but although i cared a great deal for him i didnt care for him the way he wanted.We'd been friend for 5 years and i'd cheated on my current  boyfriend with a boy just out of juvenile detention..Stupid i know because my bf didn't turn up when he was meant to.I have a thing about people being late.

Anyway to cut a long story short there was a fight between my bf and the other guy  (yes,i did tend to cause them when i was young).So,feeling sorry for myself i turned to Keith.Things got slightly out of hand but just oral and heavy petting.The problem was he then thought we were an item and i had to explain it was a mistake.It still pains me now when i think about it to remember him standing there crying.So,yes i was a bitch and no he never spoke to me again.

2-The second one was with my first lover.He totally adored me and i even at one point agreed to marry him.But,as i said i was a bitch and i was always cheating on him.I never fucked any of the men and so my bf always forgave me.
Then i met this wild sex mad man with a motorcycle and of course we got up to far more than just foreplay.I broke my bf's heart when i confessed to him and i knew in his eyes he would never forgive me.Motorcycle man later dumped me said i was too young for him,. Motorcycle Man then changed his mind and spent the next 6 months trying to get me back.I ended up marrying the motorcycle man

So,now i've confessed anyone else wish to confess their sins.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rare Erotica

Thought you might enjoy these 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Feast or Famine

The past week has been a famine in terms of meeting up with submissives  or even lovers for that fact. It seems everyone is on holiday. Being a woman with a high sex drive and low boredom threshold I found myself revisiting some messages id received during the past month in search of some potential new fun.
I know your thinking Mistress its only been a week. But, im a woman given the opportunity would like to have sex several times a day. So a week is a long long time. 
I chose a likely man the same age as me and sent him an email. He responded quite promptly and we spent Tuesday exchanging emails. I agreed yesterday after work to meet him for a drink at a downtown bar. We got on very well and exchanged phone numbers so we can text.
So, it looks like we might hook up in the future. Unfortunately he's away for the next few weeks would you believe my luck.
However, while im in the bar with him I receive 3 emails off subs who are now home and want to get together. Is it my imagination or do men have a sixth sense when I'm dipping my toes looking for a new sub LOL. It always seems that way.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015