Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hot Pantygirdle pics

Found these wonderful pics yesterday she looks so domineering in her panty girdle and stockings. The photo's are off Primm Heels if you wish to Google for more

There still seems to be a little confusion over my blogs.
This is my main blog.
Anna's Fetish blog is a mirror of this one minus the photos. I started it when Google were going to ban pornographic photos. So, for now it stays just in case . Naughty Anna is my private photo blog. There are no Fetish pics on it. You need to be invited to view it.


Email me at annalouise1966@gmail.com  for info on my private blog


How Private Blogs work.

1- You need a gmail email address

2- Email me and say add me a reader.

3-I will add your email to the reader list and you will receive an invite

4-Accept invite then you can view the blog whenever you want 


Reverend Hornibastard said...

She does look very domineering indeed!

I am surprised that this look has not yet been adopted by the US military. I think it would scare the bejesus out of potential enemies!

anna louise said...

I'm sure if she cracked the whip you'd say miss